5 Space Saving Ideas For Your Home Garage Work Space

Your garage can quickly become the messiest area in your home so before that happens, make sure you keep it organised with these 5 space saving tips.

1.Storage, storage, storage

Storage, storage, storage

The first golden rule for organising your garage workspace is to invest in some proper storage solutions. Compartmentalising your belongings into different categories and subcategories will help you to locate things quickly and easily. Old school lockers work well, so be sure to see if you can get your hands on some of these.

Old glass jars will do the job for those little odds and ends. Plastic storage boxes work extremely effectively too and you can buy these in various sizes – from small ones to fit your screws to larger ones that fit more bulky items such as the vacuum cleaner attachments.

2.Hang it now

Hang it now
Wondering what to do with your rakes, shovels and brooms? Check out the options at your local DIY store to find a solution that best fits your needs. Slat or pegboard walls can be useful for hanging up various tools. And if you’re one of those people with a great need for detail, create an outline of each of your tools on the wall so you know where to hang them or use a magnetic strip, it works just as well.

Wall mounted garage vacuum cleaners not only save on space but also help you to keep your workspace clean quickly and easily. Not sure which one to buy, read the reviews on allgreatvacuums.com for some ideas on which to get.There are a vast variety of different vacuum cleaners to choose from so make your choice wisely depending on the size of your house and cleaning needs. Who wants to store a vacuum cleaner in the house when you can find the perfect spot for it in the garage!

3.Go up!

Go up
If you’re struggling with where to fit everything don’t forget to go up! You can store bicycles, ladders and other items that can be placed on large hooks attached to the wall. You may even be able to hang items from the ceiling so a ceiling rack may be a good investment.

4.Put it back

Another golden rule in the garage is to put things back in their place once you have used it. Assign a designated place for all important items. This should make it much easier to find items and will keep things neat and tidy. Crates work well for storing paint, garden accessories, general household products and any other bits you don’t know where to store.

5.Sort out your toolbox

Sort out your toolbox
The most important item in your garage is probably your toolbox, so make sure it is in order and sorted according to your needs. The body of the toolbox should be made of a strong material such as hardened plastic, that won’t crack or rust. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a toolbox but do look for one with strong handles, and that can take some knocks. Your tools are like the lifeblood of your garage and workspace, so accessing them easily will save you a lot of stress and time.

The workbench is probably the other most important thing you can have in your garage. To save space in a small garage why not design a fold-away table that you can pull out when you need a workbench. It can be stored away or folded down when not in use. Pallets can be used in your garage as storage space. Turn a pallet on its side to store sports equipment, garden cushions, hoses and other bulky items that need to be accessed easily. Scrap wood can be stored in a large bucket.

And finally, our top tip, try to organise your garage before you move into your new home. That will save you a lot of trouble and make it easier to start off organised rather than scrabbling around a chaotic pile of mess ready to fall onto you (or your car!). And don’t forget to paint the floor if it’s concrete, this makes it easier to clean and looks more attractive. For more tips on how to transform your garage into a workspace read this article.

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