5 Reasons to Use Lightweight Protection for Floors

Whether you are completing a construction or remodeling job over an existing floor, or one that is recently installed, protecting this surface is imperative when there is a risk of chemical spills, equipment movement, or loads of heavy foot traffic. Below are five reasons to utilize a customizable lightweight protective barrier over these sensitive surfaces.

Dust and Dirt Protection

Dust and Dirt Protection

Lightweight protective covering for floors can also be used on many surfaces to guard against a build-up of dust and dirt during a construction or remodeling project. It reduces the overall time it takes for clean-up after the project is complete.

Protect Floor Surface From Scratches and Scoring

Protect Floor Surface From Scratches and Scoring
Wood and tile floors are easily damaged from the movement of equipment, tools, and heavy workboots. Sliding and dropping items can crack and damage flooring materials to the point that repairs are necessary. Keeping these surfaces covered during the project is the best way to avoid unexpected and unwanted damage.

Coverage for High-Traffic Work Areas

Many construction projects involve the coming and going of people through areas of concentrated activity. It can wreak havoc on a new floor. Strategically placing lightweight floor protection by companies like Trimaco will keep this surface as good as new.

Protect Floors, Counters, and Fixtures From Paint and Stain Spatter

Painting or staining is one of the more frequent home improvement projects that require a little planning to keep surfaces free of spatter. You can easily protect sensitive surfaces from this type of mess with the use of lightweight protective materials. It is flexible and works to cover nearly any surface you want to stay paint and stain-free.

Easy to Custom Cover and Discard

A few simple measurements allow you to custom fit lightweight protective materials to any dimension floor or countertop. It allows the surface covered to breathe, but protects against chemical and abrasive damage. Once the job is done you can easily discard in a dumpster. It is fast and convenient protection.

Protecting the environment you are working in is an important part of making your customer happy with the finished project. Applying a lightweight barrier is easy, affordable, and provides the customized protection a construction project environment needs. It is the easiest solution available on the market today.

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