5 Must-See Home Interior Design Trends

In a time where many people are embracing working from home and hanging out indoors, having trendy interior designs has equally grown in popularity. However, these designs may vary widely in individuality, taste, and style. In addition to this, consumers are also increasingly focusing on quality, sustainability, and conscious consumption.

Interior design has a different range of formats, with each style bring its unique flavor and experience. A home remodeling contractor in Cherry Hill, NJ encourages homeowners to explore various style options when decorating their houses.  What interior design ideas can you choose on your journey to giving your home that perfect look?

1. Minimalist Approach

Minimalist Interior Design

This approach is commonly known as Japandi minimalism. It refers to a fusion of the Japanese and Scandinavian styles. This style offers seamless value for both simplicity and functionality. With this in mind, many people often want a quiet, tidy, and clean room. Therefore, it makes sense to think through what you need to make your room more elegant, especially when buying furniture.

Having multi-use furniture has become more critical than ever. Examples of such pieces include rolling carts that can be easily hidden away when not in use and think tables that can be expanded or tucked away. Also, there’s a new set of modular sofas which can be rearranged as needed.

Another great way of keeping things minimalistic is by getting rid of bulky curtains and opting for neat windows with built-in blinds or wooden shutters. Whether you want a filter for natural light or total blackout, you can choose windows with inbuilt blinds or wooden shutters that suit your home.

2. Cool Color Tones

Our homes need more warmth, comfort, and coziness more than ever. With this in mind, the desire for rest and grounding furniture colors has been reflected in the color patterns. Classics blue and grey have dominated the neutral interiors color pattern over the years. However, muted earth tones, namely olive green, burnt orange, and cream colors, are slowly dominating the latest design trends. These muted colors give a sense of warmth, coziness and, more so, bring peace to your hectic everyday activity.

It’s advisable to stick to one tone and avoid mixing lots of different neutral tones to bring out the elegance you need. More importantly, use environmentally friendly colors with little VOC content. 

3. Interior Plants

Interior Plants

Natural elements are slowly being integrated more into our daily lives. Plants not only provide a sense of well-being and grounding, but they are also eye-catchers. The experience of nature in your home can either be direct or indirect. The direct experience involves: natural light, water fountains, and indoor plants. The indirect experience involves: using natural or recycled materials, using eco-colors, and displaying nature images.

Furthermore, research shows that including direct or indirect elements of nature into your home brings of positive impact primarily by:

  • Freshening the air
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Balancing blood pressure levels
  • Lightening up the mood
  • Increasing creativity and productivity

Therefore, you should always choose beautiful blooms that match your taste and space.

4. Modern Textured Wallpaper

Do you love some boldness in your home? Well, wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular, replacing painted walls. Wallpaper evokes a sense of nostalgia and comfort in the house. You can also use them on ceilings to bring contrast into the room.

Some significant advantages of using wallpapers are that they are easily removable, and the surfaces they are put on don’t get damaged on removal. Also, you can quickly transform the look of your home anytime you want for a change.

5. High-Quality Fabric and Surfaces

High-Quality Fabric and Surfaces

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rise in popularity for easy-to-clean and kid-friendly materials to curb germs’ spread. Upholstery, rugs and soft surfaces, and performance fabrics are specially designed to resist stains easily and are easily cleanable. The material should look not only high quality but also feel high quality.

Glass and metal, which are non-porous, are mostly preferred since they are easy to clean and less susceptible to bacteria growth.

With these inspiring interior design trends, you can transform your home and give it the look you have always desired! It is a worthy investment.

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