5 Luxury Ways to Add Glamour to Your Living Room

I don’t know about you, but I have always been big on living rooms.

I see people investing so much time, effort, and resources in their bedrooms, dining areas, and kitchens, but not enough in their living rooms. This makes me wonder, why?

Is it because you think your living room is not as special? Or because it is the common area?

Honestly, unlike popular belief, I believe you should invest in making your living room even more glamorous than all the other areas. Not for others, but instead, for your own family. You as a family will be spending so much time in your living room during casual chitchats or evening snacks. Well, even if you think you won’t, we all like a well-decorated house – don’t we?

All that being said, having a glamorous living room is neither difficult nor expensive. You just need to be smart and spend wisely.

The reason why I have enlisted 5 super-effective ways to add that much-desired glamor to your living room!

1. Using appealing fabrics

Irrespective of the setting of your living room, fabrics always play a big role in your overall aesthetics. Right from curtains, sofas, to cushions and mats – you will find fabrics everywhere.

If only you pick the right fabrics, it can help you elevate the entire living room setting, and make it more glamorous. You must be mindful of the material and color. It’s best to pick colors that contrast with wall colors. I personally love fabrics like silk and velvet. Velvet is actually quite durable as well.

Living Room3

2. Hanging a crystal chandelier

The best place to hang romantic lighting is not your hallway, not your bedroom, not your kitchen for sure, but your living room. Along with the elements of elegance, style, and class, a crystal chandelier also comes with the element of added luxury.

Plus, with a chandelier, you will also cover the lighting of your entire living area as they disperse the light around very well, and not to mention, the softer look it provides.

3. Metallic finishes

For your furniture, walls, and ceilings, metallic finishes like chrome and gold, is a very easy yet efficient way to add glamour to your house. When you start to consider metallic finishes, your options with respect to vases, flasks, paintings, and other showpieces will also multiply.

Smaller inexpensive pieces like brass vases also do the trick, if you are on a tight budget. Other than that, spray painting corners with gold and silver also look very attractive.

4. Adding mirrors

Not many people consider having mirrors in their living rooms, but I personally admire them. When it comes to adding sparkle and glamor to any room, mirrors should be your first pick. If you are still wondering how, think about your bedroom without a mirror. Looks bland, doesn’t it? For an even better look, you may also add “framed mirrors”.

If mirrors are a part of some piece of furniture, like a cupboard, it makes an even better impact. Consider having a glam metallic frame as it will also add a metallic touch.

Living Room2

5. Hanging the right curtains

We have already discussed the importance of fabrics in living rooms. This point is to reiterate its importance. If you need a grand appeal to your living room, make sure you pick the best curtains.

It’s always wise to invest in statement curtains, especially when you are decorating your living room. It not only brings the much-desired elegance but the fairly subtle nature of statement curtains adds glamour as well.

If you are confused about colors, my advice is to always go for solid contrasts. Not big contrasts like black and white, but something like blue and white, does the trick. Also, curtains that start right from the ceiling and not just from the top of the window have my heart – adds charm, grandeur, and of course a little bit of guest’s attention! 😉

You see, that’s it. It is so simple to redesign your living room the way you have always wanted. Just follow these few tips and I am sure your living room will make heads turn!

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