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5 Fun & Affordable Ways to Decorate Rented Room with Your Roommate!

It is said that first, we shape our homes, and then our home shapes us. No matter how temporary your current room for rent is meant to be, it is crucial to add a personal touch to it. It is often the case that when you redecorate or declutter even the smallest corner in your home, it directly influences your dopamine supplies, giving you a feeling of accomplishment. Given there’s a pandemic raging, what better time to have some fun and decorate with your roommates!

Hiring an interior designer to decorate your room would be burning a hole in your pocket and, more importantly, unnecessary after going through this article. Let your creative juices flow because the options for designing are limitless! Make it a personal project to decorate your space to suit YOUR needs, YOUR aesthetic, and let it mirror your soul. Interior designing for a rented room is tricky because it needs to be affordable and portable enough to take to your next home. However, fret not, we’ve got you covered!

Apart from the apparent pleasures of redecorating, it gives you and your roommate a reason to spend time together and know each other in-depth. You can not only kill time together but also learn the art of interior decorating. You could even find out that you have a lot more in common than you think. Or, it could make you want to find another roommate altogether! Just kidding.

Here are 5 super fun yet affordable ideas to decorate your rented room with your roommate without further ado!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Even simple wall mirrors can add much value to your aesthetic. They give your room for rent the illusion of having more space than it actually has. When you couple the decor up with the right kind of lighting and room colors to reflect on it, mirrors are the most effortless yet sensational addition to your comfort haven. They can be installed with ease and are incredibly affordable. If you want to awaken your inner artist, you can add glass paintings on it or create a new frame and completely revamp it up!

Warm Lighting to Drive Away any Darkness:

Warm lighting is another favorite way to jazz up a space. Lighting plays an intricate role in mood-lifting. You don’t want to come home to blaring ill-positioned lights. Fairy lights and low hanging bulbs can undoubtedly beautify your room while also making you feel calm and comfortable. They can again be repositioned to different areas of your rental room e as and when required.

Having bedside lamps also help to add an additional source of lighting for some casual night-time reading. There are many innovative lamps available in cheap furniture stores such as Ikea.

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Add Color-popping Cushions:

You might not want to pay for a new paint job just yet since it’s too much commitment. But if you still want to make your room look bright and bubbly, add colorful cushions. You can add it to your sofa or your bed. It doesn’t just add color to an otherwise boring sofa set, but it also adds comfort!

Color coordination with the rest of the room is essential. You can look for different vibrant color schemes on the internet and choose accordingly. It is critical not to overdo it and let it naturally blend in with the decor, so keep that in mind!

Origami with a Twist

Almost all of us have played around with origami as children, whether in art & craft at school or as personal hobbies. Who knew, it can make such a fantastic cheap hack for interior designing as well!  

You can easily make little birdies or butterflies to hang from the ceiling or as a fixed showpiece for your wall. It will give your rented room a very creative and authentic vibe since this requires a lot of time and energy! It is incredibly fun to make these paper creatives, and you can even experiment with diverse shapes and sizes. Moreover, when your lease is up, you can either take it with you to your next rental room or leave it as a footprint for the next tenant, taking up your room for rent!

Apart from the creative aspect, origami has proved to help individuals who struggle with psychological factors such as feelings of acceptance and anxiety. It could help with any stress you’ve been dealing with lately, in the COVID-19 era.

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Picture gallery:

You can build a picture wall with your roommate which could have numerous memories and pictures of days spent together as roommates, family portraits, paintings, artwork, and anything else that you hold dear. This will strengthen your bond further and help you understand each other’s background and history.

It is also aesthetically pleasing, and you can add warm lights near it to enhance the effect it has on the entire room. Having such dear memories put up on a wall makes your rented room more homely and might help you adjust in more quickly.

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