5 Common Plumbing Mistakes That Most of The Homeowners Make

If you have decided to tackle some plumbing issues in your home, there are common mistakes you should try as much as possible to avoid because of their long-term effects on the home plumbing system.

Using chemical Drain Cleaners

Using chemical Drain Cleaners

Many homeowners see chemical drain cleaners as miracle products because the application of few cups can open up clogged drains and push wastewater down the drain line. Unfortunately, most chemical drain cleaners have long-term effects on galvanized and other metal plumbing features. Avoid the use of chemical drain cleaner because it can speed up the rate of plumbing corrosion which can lead to leakages.

Working on Plumbing System Without Required Permits

Handling certain plumbing works yourself without necessary permits may lead to long term devaluation of your house. You will need necessary permits especially for the installation of bathroom plumbing fixtures and re-piping. All home improvement activities must be performed to special codes, and getting a permit may cost you a little but will help you avoid heavy fines for performing plumbing work that is not up to standard. Performing plumbing work without permits is risky, and can make your home susceptible to lots of plumbing issues.

Connecting Copper with Galvanized Pipes

Connecting Copper with Galvanized Pipes
When galvanized and copper pipes are connected, corrosion will speed up. Many homeowners who handle their plumbing issues themselves are unaware of this problem hence they repair galvanized piping with some modern copper pipes. If copper and Galvanized pipes are to be used, a special plastic sieve known as Dielectric Union, and rubber washer can be put in place by the plumbers to prevent copper and galvanized piping from touch each other.

Failure to Turn Off Water Before Plumbing Works

The failure to turn off the water supply before any plumbing repairs and improvement work can lead to gushing pipes which can lead to flooding in the home. Make sure you turn off the water supply by the shut-off valve before the commencement of your next plumbing project. Turning off water especially from the mains supply will help preserve water and reduce your water bills in the long run.

DIY Plumbing without Training

DIY Plumbing without Training
Many homeowners take plumbing work without any insurance cover or proper training for major repair and replacement works. It is important to pass through some plumbing vocational training to be able to handle certain equipment and workmanship. If you can’t pass through an apprenticeship or vocational training that a plumber passes through, then you should rather hire a plumber for all home plumbing works.


Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether certain plumbing work is beyond your skill level. For this reason, it is important to consult with a professional plumber before commencing a major plumbing repair or replacement. Certain plumbing works can make a lasting impact on the functionality of the plumbing system, and the value of your home. You should also check with the local authorities the type of permit you will require for handling the plumbing works so that you wouldn’t get hefty fines.

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