5 Clever Storage Ideas for Your Garage or Workshop


Storage Ideas for Your Garage 2

If you have a garage, you likely have a lot of tools and other items taking up space. Luckily, there are lots of great DIY projects that can help you get the most out of your workspace. Here are five clever storage ideas to help keep everything organized:

Garage shelving

When you’re organizing your garage or workshop, it’s important to think about what you want to store on each shelf. This will help keep everything organized and easy to find. Make sure that all of your tools have their own place on the shelves so that they don’t get mixed up with other things.

If you have a lot of stuff in your garage or workshop, consider building multiple levels of shelving and a tool holder so that you can fit everything into one area. This will also give each item its own spot on the shelf and make finding what you need much easier.

Tackboard for tools

A tacking board is a great way to organize your tools and keep them handy, but it can also be used as a corkboard or bulletin board. Tacking boards are what they sound like: boards with metal tacks that you can use to hang up papers, photos and other items. The advantage of using this type of storage over something like magnets on the refrigerator is that it allows you to move things around as needed without having to deal with sticky residue (which would be especially problematic if you were hanging up tools).

Pegboard for tools

Pegboard is a must-have for any garage or shop. It’s easy to install, it looks great, and it makes tools easy to store and access. The most important thing about installing a pegboard is making sure it’s secure. If you’re going to hang anything heavy on the board, use screws instead of nails so that the weight isn’t pulling down on the nails (and potentially pulling them out).

When organizing tools on pegboard, think about how often you use each one and where in your shop space it will be most convenient for you to reach them when needed–this will help keep things organized. Also, remember that some tools should never be hung up; they need room around them so they can dry properly after being washed or cleaned off with oil (like chainsaws).

Storage Ideas for Your Garage 1

Garage walls with shelving and hooks

If you’re looking to maximize the space in your garage or workshop, consider using pegboard as a tool storage solution. Pegboard is an inexpensive way to organize tools and other items on walls. You can also use it to hang a ladder on the wall for easy access when working on projects.

If you have bikes that are taking up room in your garage, hang them from hooks on one side of the door so they don’t get in the way. This will free up more floor space for other things like lawnmowers or snow blowers that need more room during winter months when there’s more snow than normal.

Workbench with built-in storage

A workbench is a must-have for any garage or workshop. It’s the perfect place to store tools and other equipment, while also giving you a sturdy surface on which to work. The ideal workbench should be sturdy enough to hold up under heavy use, but also provide plenty of storage space for all your tools.

It’s important that the height of your workbench matches your body size so that you don’t have to bend down too far when using it. This can lead to back problems over time. The drawers or cabinets should be deep enough so that large items like saws won’t fall out when opened suddenly. If not, consider installing an elastic strap inside each drawer or cabinet as added protection against accidental spills.


The best thing about these DIYs is that they’re so easy to do. You don’t need any special skills or tools–just a little time and patience. If you want to make your garage or workshop more organized and efficient, then give one of these ideas a try.

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