5 Biggest Instagram Myths Debunked!

Instagram-a trendy photo-sharing app that has risen to become one of the most modern marketing engines with 1 billion active users and has an incredible web presence!

With its growing popularity and outstanding reach, it is only natural that myths and rumors have begun to swirl. Despite the fact that it has become a powerful channel for brands as it is for influencers, there is an ever-growing fog of opinions among businesses on how to act and interpret those insights.

Specifically, since 2016, when the app has changed its algorithm to put the “best” posts first or the one that is most relevant or interesting to the user rather than merely organizing the feed. There has been a slew of critics weighed in!

So, it is high time to address some of the most persistent and widespread myths to help you scroll the social space a little bit more efficiently and easily.

Instagram Is for Sharing Random Posts Only

While it’s a great platform to share spontaneous and unseen moments, it is also fine to have a well-planned strategy about posts, especially if you have a business profile. In fact, instead of posting too much random or low-quality pictures, taking time to think through photographing high-quality images and consistent posting are all can effectively help you grow.
Instagram Is for Sharing Random Posts Only

We all know by now that clicking the right moment in a nanosecond when the wind catching your hair wasn’t a one-shot-thing. Having said that, there are some moments where posting timely can make a difference. For example, posting an image of your meal at 3 am might not gain as much interaction as posting at 9 am.

Putting Hashtags Doesn’t Make Any Difference

You might have seen a lot of statements about the usage of hashtags. “Always use hashtag,” “never use hashtags,” “use X number of hashtags,” “only use them in comments,” “use them once in a while,” and so on.

An often-quoted concern is that hashtags might not be the most attractive visually, but can look salesy. While it’s true that using 40-hashtag limit can look salesy, not including any can put you run the risk of your “instapost” not getting found at all.

If you’re concerned about your post looking confusing and messy, add interesting elements like a few rows of dots in between your captions and hashtags to make it look clean to visitors and understandable to Instagram algorithm.

You Can’t Follow the Footsteps of the New Instagram Algorithm

This has caused a lot of confusion since the Instagram algorithm has changed. For many, it seemed that it was making tougher than ever to get more followers, reach the target audience, and improve engagement.

However, once you understand how the algorithm works and buy real Instagram followers, you can build a killer strategy and boost engagement.

Posting Content A Specific Time Can Boost Engagement

While posting on Instagram at a certain time might have some relevance a few years back, since content and engagement are prioritized, consistent and meaningful post is more important.
Posting Content A Specific Time Can Boost Engagement
Of course, you need to buy Instagram followers and has to be consistent with your post when most of them are online and can interact. Hopefully, you will have some idea of when is the correct time or if not, keep on experimenting along the way.

Note: Consider your demographics. If you have a global following or you are a travel blogger, you will want to consider time zones.

Follow-For-Follow Strategy Works

Using follow sprees might work for some people, but not for all. Particularly, if you are a rookie to the influencer game, it can be a healthy start to follow those who inspire you. However, gaining new followers this way tend to be less natural and make them unlikely to stay for a long time if you don’t keep growing.

There is no “one-fits-all formula” to reach into the influencer sphere. A stream of inspirational, consistent, and meaningful content can lead to natural growth.

The key is not to get too bogged down on any Instagram myths and be authentic. The rest will eventually fall into the right place!

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