5 Bathroom Renovation Hacks

Those who wish to give their old bathroom a complete redesign have probably made the right choice. Compared to other rooms in your house, bathroom remodels offer a higher return on investment.  Upgrades aren’t just worthwhile financially, but they can add a lot to your quality of life, too. You should do this, especially if your bathroom has experienced broken cabinet handles, poor lighting, damaged tubs, chipped paint, poor plumbing and other such annoyances, for a long time. 

That being said, a bathroom renovation might not always be a viable option for you. In particular, if you don’t have a lot of money lying around. You may even feel overwhelmed, and that’s completely understandable. However, if you cannot spend a hefty amount on a bathroom but still want one, there are options. All you need is these budget bathroom update ideas to have a bathroom that is comfortable and serene. 

People don’t realize you can change your bathroom with some helpful, clever redesigns that won’t break the bank. Here are 5 bathroom renovation hacks to make remodeling your bathroom easier: 

1. Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an advantageous invention, especially when it comes to decorating a room. There is wallpaper of every pattern and design out there, from different colors to themes. You have thousands of choices, and you can even make your own designs. 

In addition to being beautiful, wallpaper is convenient to use. It’s also very affordable. The wallpaper installation process is not complicated. You can hang the wallpaper easily with a hammer, hamper, and some wallpaper glue. Do this task on the weekend and consider it as your therapeutic workout session. Not only will you use up your muscles but your creative juices as well. 

2. Choose A Fabulous Countertop

Countertops are a hot item nowadays, whether you install them in your kitchen or bathroom. Because of the limited square footage available in a bathroom, granite countertops are increasingly popular despite being a more expensive option. 

It may seem too costly; however, if you are looking for some sort of return in the future, you’ll find a way to afford it. Neutral colors are typically expensive because they are popular. If you want something more affordable, consider other options which are not saleable. A granite slab with some imperfections is also less expensive than one with entirely perfect edges. You won’t be able to see those imperfections if they happen to be near a sink or faucet. Hire the ideal bathroom remodeler like Easy Renovation to install your countertops.

3. Change Cabinet Surfaces And Handles

A Great tip for any bathroom renovation is to spruce up the cabinets, especially if you are on a budget and can’t afford to replace them. If they are in good working condition but are just a little dated, you can paint them. It’s possible to acquire kits that contain paint and epoxy or chemical solutions. You can also find materials to prepare the cabinets for painting. Removing all the cabinets’ handles and hardware and working on these components away from the bathroom can make the job a lot easier. Smoothing out the surface with smooth or foam brushes and finishing it off with some polyurethane will protect it. Put the finishing touches on your furniture with new handles and grip hardware. On the off-chance you need to have them replaced completely, consider going for semi-custom cabinets as they entail great benefits too. 

4. Go For Stick-On Flooring

Installing new flooring in the bathroom can be challenging due to the toilet and some complex forms and shapes. You will need to scrape up both the vinyl and the glue layer that adheres typically to the wood underneath, in the case of most old, cheap bathrooms. You can do this easily, but it can be messy, so just cover your floors with stick-on flooring and ensure that the application is flawless. 

Bathroom Renovation2

You’ll want to choose the flooring that’s thin enough to be cut with some flooring scissors. If you decide on thicker floors like layered wooden floors, you will have a more challenging time cutting those weird curves. 

5. Replace The Lighting

Are the original lighting fixtures still in your bathroom? It’s time to spruce it up. Get rid of the old light bulbs and replace them with new ones that use LEDs. Besides providing your bathroom with more even lighting, LED lights are eco-friendlier and will help you save on your energy expenses.

Furthermore, they have a more extended warranty, so don’t waste more money and energy, have them replaced now.


These hacks can be done by yourself in most cases. However, it’s always a smart decision to hire bathroom remodelers for an entire complex bathroom renovation job. You can design your dream bathroom to improve the quality of the space you’re living in and you never know what your renovation could mean for the price of your home in the future. 

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