4 Tips to Choose The Best Wall Tiles For Your Bathroom

Wall tiles are a very popular and stylish choice for bathrooms, washrooms and shower rooms. They can bring colour, texture, vibrant patterns, a natural look or even add a bit of glamour to this overlooked room in your home.

If you’re planning on designing a brand new bathroom or revamping an existing one in your home, then you might be wondering how to choose the best wall tiles to decorate it. Tiles are a versatile decoration finish, and they can do many things, such as protect your bathroom and shower walls, as well as decorating a space like nothing else. They offer a clean and modern update to any old drab bathroom. Whether you choose natural stone, ceramic, porcelain or glass, there’s a multitude of shapes and finished on offer.

If you need help picking, then we’ve put together our top four tips for choosing the best wall tiles for your bathroom. Using this guide, you’ll be able to find clarity in discovering the best tiles for your home!

Why should you give your bathroom a revamp?

No one wants an old and decrepit bathroom that looks like it was stuck in the last century. Giving your bathroom a design revamp or makeover can be just what you need to breathe some life into it! Here are just a handful of reasons why it’s one of the most important rooms in your home:

Sets the tone for your day

Apart from our bedroom, the bathroom is where we both start and end each day. What happens there will set the tone for the rest of the day. Did you know that on average, a person will spend at least one and a half years of their life in their bathroom? It’s definitely a room we take for granted!

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Inspires inspiration

Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest of places. For many, their best ideas and plans come to them when they’re in the shower. It’s also a great place to rehearse or practice that big presentation you’re giving, or for a job interview.

Adds to the rest of your home’s design

When it comes to your house’s overall interior design, the bathroom can play a major part in setting the aesthetics for the rest of your home. Decorating your bathroom with candles, artwork, and colour-coordinated towels can be just the starting point for the look and feel you want with the rest of your home design project.

It’s a safe space

The bathroom is probably the only room in the house that most people understand that if someone is in there, it means ‘do not enter!’

For many, it offers a safe space of solitude where they can unwind from the stresses of everyday life.  Whether it’s a nice hot shower or a warm bubble bath, it’s a great place for you to gather your thoughts at the end of a long day. In this instance, the bathroom becomes much more than just another room in the house!

Our top tips for picking the 4 best wall tiles in your bathroom

Think about the materials you choose

Bathroom wall tiles come in all sorts of different materials and styles. You need to remember that the bathroom is full of condensation and water splashes that rule out some materials that you can use. Both ceramic and real stone tiles are the most popular choices.

Natural stone has a lot of character and charm, but its care requirements are higher and the tiles will need resealing over time to maintain the level of protection they offer. Man-made tiles, such as the Porcelanosa Madagascar Natural wall tile, are great if you are decorating a bathroom on a budget. They aren’t as hard-wearing as tiles made from porcelain, but a bathroom isn’t a high traffic area, so they can be laid on your floors as well as the walls!

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Use the same tile on both the wall and floor of your bathroom

Wall tiles are versatile, they can usually be used on the floor as well as the wall of your bathroom! When you pick a natural stone or porcelain material, you can replicate a spa-like feel to your space, as it looks sleek and calming. But, if you like the idea of contrasting wall and floor tiles, there’s an abundance of opportunity. Why not try using a bright coloured tile on the walls, and then a quieter finish on the floor?

Try using mosaic and patterned tiles for creativity

Get creative with your wall tiles, by switching up the type of tile you use. Using the same tile on all the walls of your bathroom is only one design option. Instead, why not have a feature patterned shower wall or one that contrasts in colour or shape? Feature walls are very popular and for good reason! When done correctly, they add an eye-popping design element to any space.

Don’t forget about grout!

White grout isn’t the only option to use when fixing your tiles to the bathroom wall. You can choose it for a clean and fresh look, but have you ever considered coloured grouts such as grey and black, which can give your bathroom a less clinical appearance? Just remember, whatever you choose, to use a mould-resistant grout to prolong its life and make the cleaning of your bathroom less of a ch

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