5 Amazing Interior Design Trends for 2021

In the past year our homes have become a place for more than just living. Let’s face it, we work in our homes, we stay indoors a lot more than before and we have thought at least once “What can I do to spice up the place?” Excellent question! With so many options, it really is hard to choose. 

But why choose just one, when you can design different rooms in different styles? Each room has its unique purpose and what you need is to use some designer tricks to get the most out of every room. We handpicked some amazing trends for you to do precisely that.

Living Room – Warm Colours

Powerful colors are making a comeback. A lot of orange, deep yellow and cherry red will be seen in modern designs. They light up any room, and work wonders when contrasting them with neutral-coloured furniture. Or you can go all the way with flashy furniture as well, which is ideal for making the living room furniture the focal point of the room.

It’s time for cozy rooms, to provide comfort and playfulness that are just an expression of positive energy. They represent warmth in the winter and add a special kind of joy during the summer. If you however want to tone it down a bit, warm and earthy colours will give your home a new dimension while keeping it very sophisticated.

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Home Office 

We have transferred our work to our homes, and that introduced a whole new dimension when it comes to home decor. As the whole world began to experience these new circumstances, new interior trends started emerging.

You want to work in an inspiring environment so you can always be at the top of your game when it comes to your creative potential. You want functionality, high quality furniture with ergonomic features. Fill up the space with books, gadgets, natural light and plants. Make that space for you to feel creative and productive. You can go corporate with leather or use sustainable materials. The outline is this – home office is for you to design it how you wish, to suit your needs and habits. Our tips are here to spark your imagination!

Sleep Better with Soothing Green

This takes us away from the previous trends and puts focus on peace and quiet. Green interior design induces that peace in our minds, induces creativity and creates a cozy, and natural interior for your home. Green can be dramatic in some shades, or just mimic forest tranquility, which depends on your preferences. 

What is important to know about this colour? It works great with neutral colours like beige, or brown, which have a sophisticated note. You can combine it with white woodwork to open up the room. Most shades of green that are popular today are earthy, and that just makes every room feel welcoming and helps you doze off faster. 

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Cottagecore – a Lounge or a Relax Room

Crank down the noise and turn up the nostalgia, cottagecore is here to bring you that cozy, warm, traditional feel of the countryside. This trend started as a simplistic one, but very soon came to be identified with luxury furniture, handmade accessories, and an overall answer to stress, pressure and problems of the everyday world. Room designed like this is a place to get away and rest your mind and soul.

So, floral prints, traditional furniture pieces, woodwork, vintage style and antiques, you name it! It was, is and always will be a classic interior design trend, and people have shown a lot of interest in such designs these days. It is also a fun hobby – finding amazing and vintage pieces you will add to your unique corner.

Gardens Are Always In

With a traditional interior, you need a natural, green, fun exterior! A lot of plants, flowers, trees, garden furniture to match the wild, yet soothing backyard. Contractors for landscaping in Austin TX has a great sense of what an amazing landscape is and how it can contribute to your life. Outdoor living spaces are a great addition and an extension of your home. 

And there you have it! 5 different designs for 5 different parts of your home but with the same purpose – to make you feel exactly how you are supposed to feel in each part. These are crazy times, we might as well create a space for ourselves to feel safe and let it be an expression of ourselves.

What do you like the most about decorating your rooms? Let us know in the comment section below!

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