4 Types of Closet Designs You Can Choose for Your Bedroom

What is the best way to describe a closet? Is it a confined area or a structure meant for storing things, especially clothes? When it comes to keeping things, should we say a combination of beauty and function?

Whatever name we choose to describe a closet, all definitions agree on one thing: it helps you tidy and arrange your belongings.

If you’re searching for one for your master bedroom, you should know that there are a variety of options available. They all have various purposes and may not be appropriate for every home. Allow us to lead you through the many varieties so you can evaluate their characteristics and make the right option.

1. Walk-in-Closet


A walk-in closet is the optimum design luxury for your house, particularly if you have a large master bedroom.

A walk-in closet is an architectural masterpiece with a variety of storage options that will leave you wanting more. Indeed, the large storage area is sometimes referred to as a room within a room. The closet might be as small as a few square feet or as large as a room, with vents to keep the temp consistent. The closet may be tailored to the user’s specific requirements.

In the closet, there may be a series of numerous drawers for storing miscellaneous stuff. Behind the frontage, there might be movable shelves with drawers. A walk-in can include a variety of pull-out attachments, such as a shirt pull-out, pants pull-out, buckle and tie pull-out, or even a plain pull-out shelf, all of which have various roles. Shoes and accoutrements can also be stored in the vertical area. 

Some people want to go all out with their interiors, while others like to keep things basic. Ultimately, it’s all up to you. We’ve seen a lot of folks use a gold chandelier over the closet as a regal touch, and we think it’s fantastic! You may even make it more functional by adding chairs or a dresser within. Consider this your clothing empire, and do with it as you like!

In the end, a walk-in closet is a stylistic statement in and of itself, but not every home has the space for one. Get the best of it if you’re fortunate enough to get one. You can check on OPPOLIA for more inspirations for your walk in wardrobe design.

2. Outstretch Closet

Closet 3

An outstretched closet is another popular option. When contrasted to a walk-in closet, unfortunately, it is smaller. 

These have existed for a long time, and their primary use was to give room for hanging clothes on a closet rod with open overhead shelves.

Outstretch closets, on the other hand, have taken on a new meaning in today’s world. Today’s closets are at minimum an arm’s length in-depth, with a width ranging from 3 to 8 feet. Dividers, pivoted doors, the gliding mechanism to operate the doors, and even pull-aside drapes are all available.

In summary, outstretched closets have been fully reimagined to meet the needs of the modern mind. You moniker it: white folding doors on closets, a modern large wardrobe with matte glass panels, and so on.

Outstretch Closet Advantages


  • They’re ideal for combining many storage choices with intelligent placement. This frees up storage space while also assisting with organizing.
  • Long bars for hanging garments, as well as shelves and compartments for putting away pants and shirts, are included in these closets. Essentially, the storage elements are merged in a way that allows you to conveniently store stuff without taking up a lot of space.

3. Wardrobes or Armoires


An armoire is a big, elegant, free-standing cabinet that doubles as a wardrobe.

However, there are several key distinctions between a closet and a wardrobe. A closet is a defined storage area, whereas a wardrobe can be purchased from a furniture store or custom-built to your specifications. These wardrobes come in a range of sizes and styles, and they may be used for a number of functions in the household.

An armoire usually contains a lot of display space in addition to shelves and drawers for shelving.

4. Linen Closets

Closet 6

A linen closet is similar to a reach-in closet but smaller. They are long and slender and positioned between restrooms and bedrooms in corridors. Structural characteristics such as bifold doors, gliding doors, pivoted doors, or doorless accessibility can be found in these closets.

The Advantages of Having a Linen Closet


  • Towels, bedding, bed sheets, additional pillows and sheets for visitors, and even bathroom utilities are kept in a linen closet.
  • In today’s flats, it’s usual to find a dryer and a washer in the linen closet.
  • The degree of a linen closet stacking effectiveness determines how much storage it can hold.

The Bottom Line

So there you go. The types of closet designs that you can choose from. We hope that these articles will help you when you next go to choose your wardrobe or help out a friend. Happy Shopping!

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