4 Tips For Designing Your Dream Closet

A designer closet is something we all want. Having a functional and organized closet is rewarding for many reasons – having a well organized closet contributes to a well organized life. Chances are your day begins with some time spent looking through your closet for something to wear, and if that space is cluttered and chaotic, your day begins that way. Whether you’re building a new closet from scratch or remodeling an existing closet, getting started can feel overwhelming.  Your closet will work best for you if it’s designed based on both your wardrobe and habits.

Take A Tour Of Your Current Closet

Take A Tour Of Your Current Closet

Knowing exactly what you have is crucial in the planning of a new closet. Creating lists of all the things you want and need to store will help you decide how much secure storage, or specialty storage you might need. A wardrobe full of dresses, for example, might require different hanging storage than one with lots of linen slacks and jeans. Going through your closet is also a great way to decide what you want to keep, and what you might want to give away or donate. You’ll want your new closet to be as clutter-free as possible.

Invest In Some Good Lighting

Invest In Some Good Lighting
While you don’t want your closet to feel like a department store dressing room, with all that unforgiving lighting, your closet is a place where color and clarity are very important. When we think of closet lights, we typically think lamps and pendants. While these are important in terms of personalization, choosing some lighting based on functionality is beneficial as well. Illuminated closet rods – LED lighting built directly into your hanging rods –  throw light that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional onto your clothing, allowing you to see each garment’s true color and texture.

Combination Storage

Combination Storage
You’ll want to optimize the space you have by installing / building customized storage. No matter what size or shape your closet is, it’s important to create diversity with storage components, and with hanging heights. Using pull-out rods for hanging clothes is one of the most efficient uses of closet space, taking advantage of the most square footage while making items easily accessible.

Variety is just as important when it comes to shoes. Angled shelving for heels, boot rods or boot trees for anything taller than a Chelsea, and flat (maybe even pull out) shelves or all other shoes are all good looking ways to keep your shoes visible and organized.

Add Personal Touches

Add Personal Touches
Your closet has the power to set the tone for the day. It’s an intimate space that should inspire you to express your personality through what you wear. It’s a good idea to transform your closet into a place you’ll want to spend your time. Adding art pieces or photos can make a closet feel welcoming and homey, while bringing in a rug (if you have the space), adding pops of color such as an accent wall, or even your favorite chair can give the space a relaxing and comforting vibe.

Your closet is a space you’re going to visit every day, so whether it’s big or small, luxurious or minimalist, it should be what you envision and make you smile. And don’t forget the mirrors!

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