4 Key Tips For Fixing Up a Run-Down Kitchen

Whether you’ve moved into a fixer-upper that barely has a working kitchen or you’re just looking to improve what’s already there without having to rip it all out and pay for a completely new kitchen top to bottom, fixing the kitchen problems makes meal times simpler.
Here are four tips for dealing with a run-down kitchen and what to do about it.

Dishwasher rescue

Dishwasher rescue

When you have a large family and you’ve come to rely on your dishwasher, the time it breaks down can make life rough. Washing up umpteen plates, dishes, cutlery and kitchen utensils, and cleaning up the kitchen work areas too, gets to be a bit much at the end of a long day. However, in many cases, kitchen appliances can be fixed with the right parts and professional know-how, so don’t give up.

If you’re currently suffering from this predicament as one of the larger problems in your kitchen, then check out this website to see what can be done to help you: www.serviceforce.co.uk/appliance-repairs/dishwasher-repairs/.

Lack worktop space?

Add a temporary island feature
Lack worktop space
In kitchens that are in some disrepair but otherwise are sizable, there’s the opportunity to add a temporary island fixture to the center. A multi-level one is best to provide some extra storage at the lower level or drawers that pull out. The idea here is not to have something fancy, but to create a secondary worktop area when refurbishing the regular countertop (or when stripping it out to replace it).
Even an island in the kitchen can be dressed up with an attractive surface and hooks on the end to hang extra cooking tools. The longer, thinner island tables are ideal for more confined spaces without compromising either the worktop space (it’s still wide, just not as deep) or the ability to move around unimpeded.

Pegboard on the back wall

Adding a pegboard, even temporarily, on the back wall covers over any unsightly broken kitchen tiles and provides a visual contrast to the rest of the kitchen décor. If you’re planning on replacing the tiles later in your kitchen revamp, then you can use two pieces of wood, affix them to the wall and then put a pegboard right over the top of them. A drill would make it faster to get everything set up but make sure to read this best cordless drill review before you buy one, but it can also be done by hand too.

A pegboard with various hooks is a useful way to create separate areas for artwork, hanging useful items, keeping things organized or above the work areas. Creating shelving with a pegboard is easy enough too and offers extra storage options when needing to remove kitchen items while it’s being worked on.

Kitchen flooring

Kitchen flooring
While you may have your heart set on a fancy wooden floor when the budget permits, putting down something basic works for right now. A clean surface that is quick to wash down and mop up, and sweep away food debris, is a practical solution in a run-down house that needs a lot of work. That’s especially true if there will eventually be extensive changes to the kitchen units and appliances which could potentially damage a new, expensive flooring solution. It’s better to keep it simple until you’ve completed the finishing touches on a renovated kitchen and then attend to the flooring to make it nicer and permanent.

When dealing with a kitchen that’s run-down, your best plan is to take things one step at a time unless you’re ripping everything out and starting over. Creating some practical solutions as laid out above means you can still prepare meals during a drawn-out kitchen improvement project to make life manageable and the process far less inconvenient.

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