4 Fun Spare Bedroom Ideas for Empty Nesters

It may be hard to believe, but your teenager just moved out into her own apartment. And while this is perhaps the first time she’s spent any considerable time away from the nest, you’re secretly excited to transform her bedroom into a fun, new space.

Indeed, turning your young adult’s room into something functional like a workout room speaks to you because you need that extra space and see the practicality in doing so. After all, you want to make the room into something you’ll use on a regular basis — not a few times a year when Grandma and Grandpa come to visit.

Check out these four ideas for transforming a spare bedroom into something amazing:

1. Add a Home Office

If you work from home and are sick and tired of trying to get things done from a busy kitchen table, a home office will be a welcome addition. That’s because it tends to be easier to stay focused and get a lot done when you can close the door in a dedicated workspace.
Posters In Natural Home Office

Start by repainting the walls to a shade you like and then furnish it with some stylish and functional furniture. For example, you may want to set your sights on a durable and sleek-looking desk that features plenty of working space and room to store documents and supplies.

2. Embrace Your Inner Crafty and Collecting Self

Another great way to use your teen’s now-empty spare bedroom is to transform it into a craft and/or hobby room, where you can finally turn your time and attention to activities like scrapbooking, jewelry making, painting and/or stamp and coin collecting.

You’ll need at least one table, ample lighting and plenty of storage units for your supplies. Additionally, consider storing all your wrapping paper, bows and tags in this room; a craft table also makes an ideal gift-wrapping station.

3. Consider a Man Cave

If you’ve always wanted to have a room devoted to dudes and everything they love, now’s your chance. As such, turn the spare room into an amazing man cave with the addition of a big screen TV, plenty of comfortable seating, a mini fridge stocked with beverages, cabinets for additional snacks and plenty of sports and/or movie memorabilia on the walls. Then, when the big game is on, invite your pals over to watch it in peace.

4. Get Fit in an Exercise Room

Get Fit in an Exercise Room
While a lot of people like the idea of working out at home, it’s not always easy to find a spot for an elliptical machine, rack of weights or a stationary bicycle.

But now that your young adult has flown the coop, you can create a workout room complete with all the equipment you desire. If you prefer yoga, transform the space into a peaceful studio, where you can get your Om on, all from the comfort of home.

Have a Great Time Reinventing that Spare Room

While you might have pangs of sadness every now and then after your teen finally leaves the house, you can distract yourself by deciding how you want to remodel the now-spare room. Go ahead — choose something fun rather than practical and enjoy having a new space you can enjoy every day.

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