4 Easy Steps on How to Tighten the Chain on an Electric or Gas Chainsaw

Taking care of your tools is essential if you want to get the best performance possible.
An electric or gaspowered chainsaw is one of those tools that without the right care, won’t eventually provide the quality you demand. That’s why here we’ve decided to show you how.

Things You Need

Take into account that to start any maintenance you will need accessories, security equipment, and so on. So, the following recommendations will surely make it easier and safer for you:

  • Get a pair of leather gloves.
  • Get a flat screwdriver.
  • A die key to remove the clutch’s cover.
  • A table to place the chainsaw’s bar while you tighten it.
  • A piece of unused cloth or paper towel.
  • Something to hold the chainsaw while you tense the chain.

How to Tighten a Chainsaw Chain

How to Tighten a Chainsaw Chain

Following the right steps to tightening your electric chainsaw is critical, especially if you don’t have an idea how. The tips down below will help you do it more succinctly and without problems, follow them!

Steps to Tighten a Chainsaw

Tighten chain step

1.First Step

  • Get all your security gear; put on the gloves.
  • Check the current tension you have on your electric chainsaw to measure if you need tense or drop it a bit. Use the cloth.
  • Verify that every sensor is off; if your electric chainsaw is connected, then unplug it.
  • Look for the tension pin; it could be in front of the tool or behind the chainsaw’s bar.
  • Turn or switch off the restraint switch.

2.Second Step

  • Take the screwdriver.
  • Take the Die Key.
  • Take the chainsaw and the table; place the chainsaw’s bar on the table to raise the bar while you adjust the tense.
  • If it is possible, fasten the overall chainsaw case.
  • With your hand, use the cloth to move the chain and check its resistance.

3.Third Step

  • With the die key, loosen up a bit the two clutch’s case screws.
  • Hold on the chainsaw with your other hand.
  • With the screwdriver move in the sense of the clock to tighten up the chain.
  • Check with your hand to see if it is enough while you adjust.
  • Check if the chain rolls with no problems.
  • If the chain shows resistance while you try to move it, drop the tension.
  • Check the Air Tension Bar; it could be the problem.
  • If they Air Tension Bar is ok, then no problem. Otherwise, replace it if possible.
  • Once you have tightened the chain, retake the die key and tighten both screws of the clutch case.
  • Tighten up the Air Tension Screw with the flat screwdriver leaving the chain hanging for a moment.
  • Move the chain using the cloth. The chain should make a sound that represents proper lubrication. With no resistance, you should be able to move it with just one finger.

4.Fourth Step

  • After the tightening, it would be great to prove the service on a little piece of wood. Find one out.
  • Plug in the electric chainsaw to get power.
  • Place the wood in front of you and split the wood.
  • Everything right? Good job, you have tightened your electric chainsaw.

Tightening your Electric Chainsaw is a Piece of Cake!

Tightening your Electric Chainsaw is a Piece of Cake
After tightening your chainsaw, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert – you will surely feel more confident about the tool. It will give you the chance to start using it as a professional and get the best results without problems.

So don’t worry. If your chainsaw needs tightening, you won’t have a problem from now on. Follow our guide to tighten your chainsaw up, and you will never have a problem with it!

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