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4 Different Types of Garage Door Designs You Can Install

4 Different Types of Garage Door Designs You Can Install

Before having a garage door specialist come and install your garage doors, it’s important to visualize what your house would look like with the garage door design that you prefer. The garage door design would depend on your lifestyle because each material has its own unique benefits.

There are different garage door designs that you can choose from but among them, the most popularly used are steel, wood, and glass. These materials are reliable and durable and they can easily be designed to fit or complement any architectural style. Below are the different garage door designs with a short description to help you choose the best garage door for you.

The final step of garage door installation is to test the functioning of the garage door and opener.

1. Steel

A garage door made of steel is a popular choice because of its durability. It lasts a long time because it is one of the strongest, most reliable, and most sturdy material. It also has a high-quality appearance and is easy to maintain compared to wood. It can mimic the look of wood but it lasts longer and is easier to maintain than wood. Its top-quality appearance features a state of the art wood grain embossment.
Steel Garage Door Designs

Steel garage doors have already been popular in North America since the 1950s because of their low-maintenance and long-term durability and there even places that can help to house your car if you don’t have a garage of your own. They also have a high thermal efficiency and they can be designed to match any architectural design or style. They can last long enough and withstand harsh elements such as strong winds, typhoon, etc. Steel garage doors require minimal painting or cleaning that’s why it’s a great option for homeowners who are looking for a garage door that is low maintenance but is aesthetically pleasing.

2. Aluminum

If you prefer a brighter and more modern setting for your garage door, then you can choose an aluminum garage door. It is glossy, beautiful, and modern and it helps make the garage bright and more inviting.
Aluminum garage door designs
If you choose an aluminum garage door, you also have different options of glass to choose from. You can pick either an opaque, transparent, or tinted glass depending on how much bright you want your garage door to be or how much visibility that you want. You can also choose colored glass options and frames to complement the style and architecture of your home.

3. Wood

A wood garage door is old school but promotes an endless beauty. It makes things more vintage and antique looking. It gives a classic vibe to your home. Garage doors that are made of wood are precisely and accurately handcrafted with the finest wood for a solid and stable performance and a classic piece. Its craftsmanship and its classic and timeless beauty are the main reasons why homeowners choose wood garage doors over other materials. Wood garage doors are widely used in traditional and high-end homes because they appear more natural and are sturdy and solid when compared to other materials.
Wood garage door designs
You can either buy popular wood styles or you can also customize and create your own style or design. You can also choose the type of wood that you wish for your garage door such as mahogany, cedar, hemlock, etc. Wood garage doors are usually unfinished which allows you to varnish, paint, or put a coating or finish on it in order to complement your house’s architectural design and your own taste as well. You can also add windows and stains to make your garage door unique and stylish.

Wood garage doors are durable and can be treated from time to time for added sturdiness but they require regular maintenance to preserve its pristine and elegant look and to avoid having molds, cracks, rots, and warps.

4. Glass

Glass garage doors are aesthetically appealing and can be an alternative to wood and steel. Garage doors that are made of glass are bonded by a sturdy steel or aluminum frame. They can mimic the appeal and warmth of wood garage doors but don’t require regular maintenance that wood garage doors need. Glass garage doors are usually made of fiberglass.
Glass garage door designs
Contemporary Glass and Aluminum Garage Doors by Clopay Door
Garage doors that are made of glass give a modern look. It allows your garage to get a natural lighting during the day and a beautiful glow at night. There are different glass panels to choose from depending on the amount of light that you prefer for your house. You can choose the type of glass that you want such as fiberglass, tempered glass, acrylic, or solid glass. There are also insulated glass garage doors which are great for an increased energy efficiency. You can also choose and customize the color of the steel or aluminum that will bond the glass.

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