4 Creative Ideas for Wall Rusted Signs at a Professional Workplace

What usually comes to mind when we think of wall signs for the workplace are those motivational quotes posted on any blank area within the building. However, there’s actually more to that. Remember, a well-decorated office increases customer trust, which will make them remember you and visit or order from you often. Therefore, it is only right that you explore all your options when it comes to interior design – including wall signs.

When it comes to wall signs, you should seriously consider rusted signs. After all, rusted signs aren’t only used as exterior signs. These types of signs can bring forth an entirely new concept for your workplace as well as some other benefits.

Rusted signs may not be a common office decor since they may not suit the usual professional and formal motif of the space. But you can choose to break such a notion by incorporating the material and watching the magic brought by the material unfold. Utilizing unique material for your signage can truly attract guests entering your establishment for the first time. Moreover, you’ve expanded your creativity by considering a new material and adding some innovative twists to it.

We’ve listed below possible options that you can try with rusted wall signs for your office:

Directional signs to guide guests and visitors with ease

What you need to remember about your guests and visitors is to ensure that the services are easily accessible to them. This means services like using comfort rooms, locating a certain room, or knowing the way out shouldn’t be something that stresses them out. Thus, the need for visible and effective directional signs should be a priority for a workplace especially if it’s an establishment that allows guests most of the time.

This then also calls for strategic placement of directional signs. Locate all the conspicuous areas where detecting signage would be easy for guests. Make sure the name of the areas are correct and the directions placed are accurate. How you arrange your directional signs reflects how organized the system of the establishment is in its overall management and operations. As a result, you will leave a good impression on the guests too.

Wall Rusted

Wall decor that displays your office’s achievements

What more could be remarkable about being proud of your organization’s achievements and recognitions through displaying them on your walls? Rusted metal gives off such a visual appeal that deems respect and excellence when you use it for your wall plaques and signages. Your metal-engraved awards and other information can be showcased through the following:

  • Awards that display the names of outstanding employees that showed exemplary performance throughout a given period
  • The organizational structure of the establishment
  • All local, national, and international awards for brand recognition and performance
  • Wayfinding and room classifications as well as important office reminders and announcements

Wall-mounted lobby signs

Lobby signs are a distinct example that interior signage can also give off the same impression that exterior signage possesses. It also showcases your company’s identity and brand as soon as visitors enter the building. Here’s more information on why you should have them:

  • This type of  signage perfectly complements the concept of the interior and serves its function as the center of attention
  • You appeal to the guests’ initial impression by expressing that you are a respectable company through your signage’s sleek and elegant appearance
  • You make sure that they don’t forget about you even as they leave your office premises

rusted wall 1

Wall arts also cater to paintings and other artworks

Rusted metal isn’t only for letters and engravings too. The same goes for office wall signs not always being about function. Metal signage can also be used to emphasize other creative works like paintings or crafts. You can use the material as a protective frame to hold the canvas or photo. Below are some examples of artworks that you can freely display on your office’s blank spaces: 

  • Paintings varying from the Renaissance to the abstract
  • Pictures of beautiful tourist attractions in the area where your company is situated
  • Crochet, egg mosaic, and other unique types of artworks
  • Calligraphy and other impressive lettering art
  • Three-dimensional art like sculptures could be attached to the wall for a more interactive experience

These are just some of the art samples that you can explore in transforming the overall look of your office walls. You can also support local artists within your area by having their works displayed and putting a short description of their masterpieces.

Final thoughts

Changing the look of your plain office walls is totally not a piece of cake. But if you’re looking to shift away from the common wall decorations, rusted signs is a way to go. Aside from providing functional features, the material is equipped with several benefits. It is durable, flexible and longer lasting than any other material used for the same purpose. But we know metal leads the industry of fabrication and manufacturing. You can never go wrong with metal. If you’re looking for a sign to consider, then take this opportunity as a sign.

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