4 Advantages Of Opting For A Trenchless Sewer Line

When you are in need of having a sewer repaired, the waiting period can be highly frustrating. Breaks or blockages in a sewer line are a crucial plumbing issue since they can be responsible for drains backing up and result in flooding in your foundation or basement. Trenchless sewer lines offer a cheaper, quicker and more environmentally friendly option of repairing or replacing sewer lines.

Customary Sewer Line Repair

As the pipes are aging, blockages and cracks can lead to them falling apart. Trees are a crucial and beneficial part of the environment, but they can cause a considerable headache from a plumbing perspective when the roots end up damaging the pipes that are lying beneath them. In the past, issues as a result of damaged pipes were resolved by digging up and replacing or repairing each section of the damaged pipe. That was before trenchless technology was an option.

Plumbers used to spend hours digging the trenches along pipes that needed repairs or replacement which could be very time-consuming. Besides, doing it this way necessitated costly and heavy equipment and several technicians on site and it ended up damaging your beautiful garden or lawn.

An Innovative Alternative – Trenchless Technology

With this option, the need for various technicians and heavy equipment has been eliminated, therefore bringing down the costs to customers. With trenchless technology, the technician only needs to make a few small holes to complete the task and with micro-video cameras, a plumber Granada Hills can now work remotely from the small holes that were made in the ground.

4 Advantages Of Making Use Of Trenchless Technology For A Sewer Line Repair

1. More Convenient And Saving Time

By using the traditional digging method for repairing sewer lines, it can take considerably longer as opposed to making use of innovative trenchless technology. Fewer hours spent on a job makes it a much quicker and more convenient option. Customers don’t need to be stuck without water for a prolonged period in time.

2. Saving Money

Doing trenchless sewer line repairs is a less costly endeavor due to the structural modification (removing walls) not being required. You don’t need digging equipment since only two small holes need to be dug. This also lowers the clean-up costs. With fewer manual labor required, fewer employees need to be deployed to finish the job. Also, the sewer line repair is done faster with reduced hours for the technicians that are working on site.

3. Not As Intrusive As Your Traditional Sewer Line Repairs

Since less digging is required, less damage is caused to the surrounding areas. There’s no need for replacing large sections of lawn or landscaping.

4. Eco-Friendly Option

Unlike the customary digging method, when doing trenchless sewer repairs, special techniques and specialized equipment are used for replacing or repairing the sewer lines without causing environmental damage. With this method, the need for digging up the earth is eliminated and have a significant impact on large areas with greenery. Two small holes are all the digging that is needed with minimal impact to the area.

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