3 Tips For a Thriving Home Garden

For many people, now is the perfect time to start thinking about planting your own garden. With many people stuck at home and not wanting to visit grocery stores too often due to the coronavirus, planting a garden could be a great project to take on. Whether you have a large backyard or very minimal outdoor space, there are always ways that you can grow some of your own herbs, fruits, or vegetables at home.

To help you start growing the garden of your dreams, here are three tips for a thriving home garden.

Choose The Right Plants

While you might want to grow something specific in your garden, you’re likely going to be limited to what will effectively grow in your area if you’re wanting to have a thriving garden.
Choose The Right Plants

According to Chris and Peyton Lambton, contributors to Today.com, you can learn what’s going to grow best in your garden by learning about the environment in which you live and finding plants that tend to grow well in those conditions. Additionally, if this is your first foray into planting a garden, there are also certain plants that are great for beginners because they’re more hardy and don’t require an expert level of care in order for them to flourish. So before you go picking the plants you want to have in your garden, make sure you consider these two things so you can choose the right plants to tend.

Feed Your Soil

To have healthy, hardy plants in your garden, you’ll want to do a bit more than just stick them into the ground and water them on occasion. To really have the best plants, you’ll need to feed your soil periodically so that your plants are getting the nutrients that they need to grow big and strong.

To do this, Sarah Yang, a contributor to Real Simple, recommends that you add mulch or other organic compounds that you can create through composting to help bring more moisture and fertilization to your plants. You can also buy products that will serve as a feeder to your plants and aid them in growing to their full potential.

Research When To Harvest

Knowing when you should harvest what you’re grown in your garden will also help you to ensure that everything you plant will thrive and be delicious when you gather your bount. Keep in mind, however, that different plants need to be harvested at different points in their growth.
Research When To Harvest
For example, Michelle Smith, a contributor to Money Crashers, shares that beans and root vegetables should be harvested while they’re still young and small. On the other hand, herbs like basil should be harvested often and then allowed to regrow. If you’re unsure when you harvest what you’ve planted, read the packaging material for some advice.

If you’re wanting to plant a thriving garden but you have very little experience, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you grow a beautiful bounty.

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