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3 Reasons Why Copper Gutters Are A Benefit to Your Home

Gutter systems are essential to protect your home and its foundation from water damage. Rain gutters work to redirect water away from the foundation, avoiding any costly problems like a flooded basement, mold growth, or roof and siding damage. However, most homeowners don’t know about the different types of gutters available for their homes. Of all the gutter materials to choose from, most people will recommend aluminum gutters. Most of them are not even aware that there are other gutter alternatives available like copper gutters. They have many benefits that homeowners should know about.

Copper Gutters Add A Touch Of Class To Your Home

Copper gutters are a gorgeous way to add elegance to your home’s exterior. They gradually develop a light green patina that is pleasing to the eye. However, if you want them to turn green, they won’t turn green immediately: it will take 6 years for them to oxidize. If you want to prevent oxidation, you’ll need to seal your gutters.

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Copper Is The Most Eco-friendly Building Material

Copper gutters don’t require expansion joints because they expand and contract at a low rate. Aluminum gutters have a higher thermal coefficient of expansion—they expand and contract at a higher rate, which can create cracking, buckling and other problems.

Copper gutters have a longer lifespan than aluminum ones. They are also made from a sustainable, environmentally-friendly metal that can be recycled. This makes them better for the environment and safer to use in all climates.

Copper Gutters Are Durable and Low Maintenance

Copper gutters are highly resistant to corrosion, and they kill most plants and moss that try to grow within the gutter system. As a result, copper gutters do not have to be cleaned as much as aluminum or other types of gutters. This means that copper gutters Chicago could last for decades without needing repairs.

Copper is an attractive metal that can last for decades without needing to be replaced. It requires no additional maintenance besides occasional cleaning from debris that may land in your gutters.

To sum up, copper gutters are attractive, durable, and eco-friendly. They require less maintenance than aluminum gutters and can be used in any climate. It’s easy to see why homeowners choose copper gutters for their homes!

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