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3 Ideas for Diversifying Storefront Signage

Today, technology and e-commerce have changed the playing field. Customers are getting used to online businesses’ comfort and efficiency. No matter how appealing the prospect of e-commerce is, physical business isn’t going anywhere as long as humans have feelings. 

The appeal of instant gratification and the opportunity to try products out before buying still gives brick-and-mortar businesses an advantage. Or that irresistible urge you get to enter a cafe after inhaling the finely brewed coffee. Other times, you could walk down the street, and a storefront signage reminds you of items you need to purchase. Signage is critical to deliver specific information to a locality and ensure brand consistency. 

Signage is a critical branding tool that shapes how customers remember and perceive your brand. A properly crafted message can help attract customers to your store. Importantly, signage is an effective brand awareness strategy that can ‌increase sales. 

A storefront signage is often the first point of contact your brand has with a prospective customer, so you want to leave a good impression. Attractive signs leave a strong impression and encourage customers to visit your store. You can communicate your product and services with a compelling design, telling customers what to expect from you. To achieve the best results with your signage, consider utilizing professional sign company services for design and installation. Here are three ideas on how you can diversify your storefront signage.

Drive Foot Traffic With Use A-Frames

A-frame store signs are a fantastic way to advertise promotions, discounts, and special offers. Many businesses purchase A-frame signs because it is cheap and has a high reusability value. You could also leverage it to advertise some of your most popular products or services. The trick is to attract prospective customers walking by your store.

While it is easy to get carried away by interactive digital signages, A-frames can be highly effective for small businesses on a marketing budget. Its small size makes it very mobile and useful for trade fairs and other outdoor events. The right message and design can drive foot traffic and communicate important information. And you don’t have to worry about the challenges of frequently moving an interactive signage board.

A-frame has a high visibility and impact rate, as most people will walk a few feet away from it. It is naturally designed to catch attention, and its ground placement makes the information more legible. It comes in many variations, and you can have it designed to suit your business needs. 

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Promote Social Media or App With Window Graphic

In today’s world, social media now plays a very important role as a marketing tool. Social media has become a reliable way to build customer loyalty and can help keep your business in your customers’ minds. One way to leverage your physical store to promote your social media or mobile app is through window graphics.

Rather than leaving your windows plain, it could be an aesthetically pleasing way to increase brand awareness. Other times, some may have heard about your brand but haven’t put a location to the picture. Window graphics are a great way to show passers-by where your business is located. It also affords customers within your premises an extra level of privacy if you opt for the opaque designs.

There are different types of window graphics for different needs and preferences. They include transparent, opaque, vinyl, or full graphic design. If you’re looking for an option with high reusability, consider vinyl static cling stickers. You can easily remove the window graphics with static cling stickers and use them in different places as you move.  

Advertise Your Reward Programs or Business Hours

Storefront windows are a perfect marketing or communication opportunity for local businesses. It allows you to advertise special reward programs and offers. If you have a communique such as a change in business hours, you could also use it to spread the word. You could let your customers know you’re open for more hours late at night or early in the morning. 

Compared to digital signage, window graphics do not require regular maintenance. Window graphics beyond online advertisement allow you to advertise your store where it matters most! Reward programs on your window graphics help passers-by see there’s a reason to visit your store immediately. This also means there are higher probability customers will spend more when they’re in on a sales promo. 

This way, you get more done for the price of less. You spend less on advertising, save effort, and get more people to your store. When you use catchy opaque designs, people are automatically curious as to what’s going on inside. When this curiosity drives them in, there’s a higher chance to purchase before leaving. 

Do More With Less

For small businesses, the key to growth is to optimize available resources to get maximum results. One such way is by leveraging the advertising power of storefront signage. Signage helps you remain consistent with your online message in your physical store and improve brand recall by maximizing affordable advertising opportunities.

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