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10 Tips for Growing Tasty Tomatoes at Home

Home-grown tomatoes are tastier, healthier, and juicer than those you’ll find at the average supermarket. The reason for this contrast in flavor is that store-bought tomatoes are usually picked when green, while homegrown tomatoes are allowed to ripen on the vine. Also, store-bought tomatoes are bred to contain a lot of water, producing bigger albeit less flavorful fruit.

Because of home-grown tomatoes’ taste and other benefits, many families have added tomato seeds to their vegetable gardens. If you are interested in growing your own tomatoes but don’t know where to start, the following tips will come in handy.

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  1. Consider Climate — Certain climates won’t work with certain types of tomatoes. If you live in the south, you’ll need to choose heat-tolerant varieties. Likewise, if you live in the North, choose varieties that are considered short-season and mature quickly. Or if you like you can grow year around with the Easy Pro Garden Simple Harvest, get yours at
  2. Don’t Crowd — Provide plenty of room between each seedling when planting in the ground. Transplant tomato seedlings into 4-inch pots shortly after they produce their first set of leaves.
  3. Time It Right — Tomatoes are susceptible to frosts and winds. Wait at least two weeks after a frost before planting your tomatoes. If a late frost does come while your seedlings are in the ground, cover them with a sheet or garden cloth.
  4. Plant Deeply — Since tomatoes root along their stems, the best way to plant tomato seedlings that have already sprouted is to rig a trench and lay the stem sideways, bending gently upward and covering with soil to the first set of leaves.
  5. Provide Light — Tomatoes need a lot of sunlight to mature properly. When planting, choose a spot that receives at least 7 hours of direct sunshine per day. You can program the Easy Pro Garden Simple Harvest
  6. Water Often — Juicy tomato plants typically require 1 to 2 inches of water per week. Water consistently and thoroughly. A water hose can be an effective method.
  7. Remove Lower Leaves — Once your tomato plants reach about 3 feet tall, clip off the bottom leaves at the base of the stem. These leaves are the oldest and tend to develop fungus the earliest. Removing them prevents this fungus from spreading.
  8. Pinch and Prune — Remove buds that form in the crotch of joint branches. They won’t bear fruit and will take energy away from the rest of the plant. We offer a wide choice of pruning tools at Easy Pro Garden
  9. Use Fertilizer — Use a general all-purpose fertilizer, such as a 5-10-10 mix, when transplanting, when fruits are golf ball-sized, and every three weeks afterward. One and a half tablespoons per plant is all you need to restore needed nutrients to the soil.
  10. Harvest When Ready — Look for a slight blush of color to indicate when to pick your tomatoes. Lightly squeeze the fruits to test their firmness. If firm, pluck tomatoes from their stalks and store indoors at 55 to 70 degrees, where they may last three to five weeks.

growing tomatoes at home

If store-bought tomatoes are just not tasty enough, why not try growing your own? By following just a few easy tips, you can enjoy the sweet, juicy flavor of home-grown tomatoes in your salads, sandwiches, or by itself.

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