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10 Ideas To Refresh Your Wall Decor

The first thing your visitors, or even you see when you enter your house is the wall. And nothing is more boring and duller than a plain white wall. That’s why there is art and colors; to make your home look more exciting and beautiful, and feel more warm, welcoming, and comfortable.

And the good news is, you can get a variety of wall decals Australia, multiple arts and pictures, or even choose bright and bold colors and paintings, to spice up your house décor. If you are not sure what to do or how to go about it, here are a few ideas to get you started;

Australian Decals

What’s more beautiful than adding a taste of the Australian culture in your house? There are many Australian decals you can choose to buy, depending on your favorites. This includes the Native Garden wall decal, Australian Gum Tree and Blossom decal set, Watercolor Cockatoos, and more. 

Star Map

Under Lucky Stars is an online service that lets you create star maps for birthdays, weddings, engagements, first kiss, or other special events. You can select a time and a place to see what the sky looked like at that moment. They are the original star map company and the only one verified by a NASA astronomer! There are 16 different designs, 3 sizes and 6 framing options. All prints come with free shipping worldwide.


Switch Things Up

Showcase Your Best Hats

The first thing you want to do to even make a difference is to switch things up. This means to completely go different with what you are used to or what you already have. If you are all about arts and pictures, you can take down those and play with paintings, and vice versa. Or you can choose to mix them up. You can also visit Uniquely Coastal for more unique decor items to make your home look more attractive.

Don’t Be Scared of Bright and Bold

Some are used to ‘keeping it down’ or ‘keeping it low’. Now that sounds boring. Sometimes all you need to do is paint that wall sky blue or jungle green and see how you like it. These are the simple factors that make a difference. And, they give you an instant, noticeable, transformation. 

Different Designs Wall Decals

You can never go wrong with the wall decal. And the good news is that you can play with just about anything interesting to come up with awesome ideas. Get the map of your choice made up with inspirational quotes and/ or words. Or, you can also choose to go floral. And they are super easy to apply and remove whenever need be. 

Showcase Your Best Hats

Switch Things Up

This works perfectly with your bedside wall. If you don’t want to change the color of your room, or hang arts, you can then choose to display your hats, of course, in an interesting, beautiful, and strategic manner. If you have floppy hats, beach hats, wide-brimmed Stetsons, and sun hats, don’t just keep them in your closet, get creative. 

Animals and Birds Decals

Animals and bird decals are also stunning elements to add to your walls. You can get them in just about any design with different themes, representing different habitats. This includes water, beach, jungles, and more.


These peel and stick decorative elements never grow old. And, they are also easy to remove if ever need be. And, you get them in a range of styles and designs, sizes and shapes, colors and prints, and more. You just need to know the room you are getting them for; kid’s room, adult’s room, or your living room, and choose the right wallpaper.

Nature Wall Decals

Nature Wall Decals

Who doesn’t get excited just by the thought of nature? How about adding the same excitement to your living space by adding a nature wall decal? Some spring or Boho flowers corner wall decal set would be a great idea. Or you can also choose a native garden wall or watercolor whale decal set.

Wall Borders

If you want to add a stunning, not so loud, element on your wall, you might want to consider going for wall borders. And, they are a great choice for just about any room and space in your home. They come in different shapes, prints, colors, and patterns. 

Fantasy Wall Decals

Fantasy wall decals can be used in just about any room in your home; your bedroom, your kid’s room, your living room, the hallway. And just any other wall space available. They come in different shapes, colors, prints, and patterns, themes, and others are even a representation of different stories.

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