Your Home Needs Floral Curtains: Four Reasons Why


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Sometimes living spaces just need a little refresher. Styles come and go, and after so long it is nice to change it up a bit. Adding a fresh coat of paint and a few new decorations are great, however they may not be enough to truly revamp a space. If the room you are transforming has windows, then adding window treatments is an easy way to improve the ambiance of your living space. If you want something fresh and bright, floral curtains are a great option. Floral curtains are an easy way to bring color and light to your space, without having to replace everything in the room. Some people may be nervous to have curtains that have patterns or different colors. However, picking out curtains that have different colors can tie all of the colors you have throughout the room. Instead of picking curtains that blend in, try picking out curtains that stand out and bring life to a room. The perfect curtain choice for making a statement is getting floral curtains.

Create A Focal Point

Every room needs a tasteful focal point that your eyes are immediately drawn to when you walk in. Floral curtains can easily be made a focal point in a room. For example, maybe you are looking to create a sitting room or a reading room. In the corner, you have two windows and you would like to make that the place you sit and enjoy reading a good book or just relaxing. Some people might choose to pick bold furniture or throw pillows and just have curtains that blend in. However, they are missing out on an opportunity to really brighten up a space and tie everything together. With floral curtains, you can still get a bold furniture piece and fun throw pillows. You can get floral curtains that still have a white base but colors throughout it. This way, you can match your throw pillows and funky sitting chair to the colors in your floral curtains. Instead of the curtains just being there to take up space, they are actually contributing to the focal point by tastefully pulling together everything that exists within the focal point you are trying to create. Floral curtains are an easy way to create a focal point within the space you are transforming. 

They Are Bold

Although neutral is a safe choice, sometimes you have to think outside of the box. Floral curtains are bold enough to draw attention and make a difference in a room, but subtle enough to work as a finishing touch and add to the theme in your living space. People often pick neutral curtains because they are afraid curtains may clash with the room. Instead of making curtains an afterthought, you can simply make them your first choice and let your other decorating choices follow suit. Floral curtains are a bold enough choice to take charge in a room but not completely overpower everything around them.

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They Are Trending

Some people might think of floral curtains and think that they are outdated. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Floral curtains are making their way back as bold choices in decorating are trending in home renovations and remodeling. This is because they are an easy way to brighten up a space and add texture to the room. By simply replacing your neutral curtains with floral curtains, you immediately refresh a space. This is much easier than painting all of your walls or buying new furniture. Most people are trading in the expensive fix ups for more inexpensive ones. The key to keeping your space fun and light with floral curtains is to have a balance throughout your room. If you choose more bold floral curtains, then picking furniture and other decor that compliments the floral curtains is the best choice. If you are choosing floral curtains that are more subtle, then choosing bolder throw pillows or paint choices are a great way to tie a space together.

They Are Versatile

The nice thing about floral curtains is that they can be put in just about any room. You can use them in a sitting room, a dining room, a living room, or a bedroom. You can also get them in different lengths depending on your space. If you have high ceilings and large windows, getting longer curtains can draw the eye up and make your space feel bigger. If you have average ceiling heights in your home and smaller windows, you can still get floral curtains that are smaller in order to fit the space. If you are looking for curtains that can go anywhere but are a little more bold, then floral curtains are the perfect choice.

Elevate Your Space

Floral curtains are a simple way to elevate your living space. They can be used to create a focal point in a room that has windows. They are also bold, trendy, and versatile for the different spaces in your home. If you are wanting to change up your space, you might want to consider floral curtains to refresh your room.

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