Your Future Home Kitchen Could Look Like These!

Looking for amazing ideas for your kitchen and don’t know where to start in your renovation journey? Then you have come to the right place! We know that finding unique yet functional design ideas for your home become a rather overwhelming and tiring task with so many decisions to make and options to choose from. And let’s face it, usually the interior design magazines and websites are full of such styles and themes that may look very beautiful in those mediums but in reality, they are not practical.

Especially for a kitchen which is bound to be used in so many different ways, many hours of the day, you need such ideas and styles that are more functional and of course, making it prettier is an added bonus. So let’s start to go through some of the amazing interior design themes and styles by Space Factor from where you can take inspiration from and make your kitchen look like any of these.

The Classic Black And White Kitchen

Starting with a classic black and white option, this style features black and white elements with some elements of silver and brown to bring about some cohesion into the space; otherwise, a kitchen with only black and white colors can become a little too much for the eyes. The layout also suits a smaller apartment where you may not have enough space to create an open concept kitchen by keeping traditional walls may make it a bit too cramped. So here, instead of incorporating full length walls and a door, much smaller walls are installed just to create the illusion of a separate room and this helps to keep the area look spacious.

Go Simple And Clean With The Scandinavian Design

The Scandinavian style can be adopted in a larger as well as a smaller kitchen. This design features light neutral colors, simplicity, and a clean space. In this example, an almost white interior boasts an open concept plan with spotlights under the cabinets and hanging lights for the kitchen island. Since it was a larger space, there was enough room to incorporate a kitchen island that can serve multiple purposes, one of which being a table with stools and chairs. There is no visible clutter and all the items are stored away in cabinets and other storage spaces creating the perfectly clean and elegant Scandinavian interior.

Kitchen 5

Go Industrial With It

If you are adopting an industrial theme for your home, your kitchen could like the following one from Space Factor. With exposed black pipes and open metal shelves for storing crockery and utensils, it offers a unique yet functional approach where everything is in your hands’ reach. Of course, there are cabinets for storing different items, the overhead exposed shelves help create an industrial appearance for this kitchen. 

Kitchen 4

Make It Cute With This Rustic Cotton Candy Style

If you fancy a rather cute and comforting area when you are cooking and preparing yummy food for the family, then the following interior example is the one for you. Donned in a cute and fresh shade of blue with white countertops, it offers a rustic ambience with a touch of comfort and cuteness to it. The backsplash tiles have a classic pattern that give you a blast from the past. With some exposed and some covered shelves, the overall outlook is that of a comforting and functional kitchen.

Kitchen 3

Simple And Elegant In Wood And White

If you feel that you are not that type of a person who wants to experiment with bold color combinations or unusual choices for colors for the kitchen, then go for the timeless beauty of light wood and white combo! It is beautiful, elegant, and you can never go wrong with such a selection of color palette. In the next example, cabinets and kitchen island feature a light oakwood color and texture with the countertops and backsplash in white colors. The layout of this kitchen is also quite interesting with an open concept plan and two L-shaped counters that provide ample space for creating storage as well as for the purpose of a table.

Kitchen 2

A Compact White Kitchen With Hidden Elements

If you have a smaller kitchen and don’t know how to incorporate different functional elements into the design, then the following kitchen will give you amazing ideas and inspiration. It is a white and silver one that takes very compact space but allows for different functional elements. Since there are fewer counters for cutting purposes, a sliding counter like that of a drawer helps conserve space where you can just slide it back when not in use. Similarly, a folded table on one side of the counter can simply be opened to serve as a table and can be folded back when not in use to make the space less cramped.

Kitchen 1

If you love these home kitchen designs, you can check out more interior design and renovation ideas at Space Factor ( Not only will you be seeing inspirational and creative home designs, you may also want to renovate your home like one of those on their website. Happy remodelling!

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