Why You Should Keep vs. Throw Away These 10 Clothing Items


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It may be time to discard a few pieces if you’re like millions of people with an overstuffed closet. You might find some clothing items from decades past that need to be retired or no longer fit you.  

But before you toss everything into the donate or sell piles, you must set aside those you should keep. Some deserve to stay with you for the coming years. So, check out this list of clothing items and why you must either retain or throw them away.

  • Basic White Tee

Keep It If: It’s your only white T-shirt. Every wardrobe should have at least one basic white tee. Leave room for it when coming up with closet organization ideas since it’s the ideal base for many outfits, including casual Friday looks at the workplace. For example, layer it under your cardigan, button-up shirt, or plain dress.

Toss It If: It’s stained beyond salvation. Your white T-shirt should be a spotless shade of white unless it naturally leans more toward ivory or cream.

  • Knit Sweater

Keep It If: It has a neutral color and fewer prints. You can wear it virtually any time of the year, whether for errands or holiday reunions. Pairing or layering it with your other basic clothing and favorite shoes is easy enough for you to do.

Toss It If: It has a bright, unusable color or a distracting design. You’ll likely only wear it once during an ugly sweater-themed get-together. A knit sweater with signs of severe pilling or one that has shrunk may also need to go.

  • Fitted Blazer

Keep It If: It still has structure. Good, fitted blazers can make any outfit look more put-together and professional for those sudden business meetings. They can also make casual looks appear clean and chic.  

Toss It If: It doesn’t fit you anymore. If it looks like your blazer is swallowing or squeezing your body, it’s time to throw it away.

  • White Button-Up

Keep It If: You need more clothing options for formal functions. A crisp white button-up is a staple in any closet. Like a white tee, it’s the perfect partner for any bottom garment, whether pants or a skirt.

Toss It If: It has a stubborn stain, holes, or has gone yellow over the years. Your white shirt should also be a good fit. So, if it’s too small for you, you must let it go.

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  • Denim Jeans

Keep It If: It’s your only comfy pair. Denim jeans are versatile pieces that regularly find their place in the latest trends. Good jeans are perfect partners for sneakers or dressy footwear.

Toss It If: Your waistline changes drastically, and you need a new pair. Specific cuts and designs might also be out of trend, and you may have to donate or repurpose your decade-old jeans.

  • Black Pants

Keep It If: You need an alternative to denim jeans. A decent pair of comfy black pants can get you places, whether it’s a lunch date or your 9-5 job. It’s also viable to wear all year round. If you don’t already have black pants, consider getting a high-quality pair to keep your wardrobe fresh every season.  

Toss It If: It’s beginning to fade or no longer fits. However, you may adjust your pair of black pants if it’s gotten too big. Otherwise, it doesn’t have a place in your wardrobe.

  • Trench Coat

Keep It If: You live somewhere with four seasons. It’s an essential piece of outerwear for fall and winter fashion. A waterproof one in a neutral shade, such as classic beige, can keep you dry yet stylish on gloomy rainy days.

Toss It If: You’ve never used it or don’t plan to. If there are instances where you do wear your trench coat, it may still be worth keeping.

  • Leather Jacket

Keep It If: It’s still in pristine condition. High-quality leather jackets can last longer than one lifetime. It doesn’t matter if it’s authentic leather or the vegan kind. 

Toss It If: It no longer fits you, or you dislike it. A classic leather jacket will always have room in your wardrobe unless it stops making you happy.

  • Little Black Dress

Keep It If: It still fits, and you feel sexy wearing it. With creativity, layering techniques, and proper styling, you can turn your little black dress (LBD) into a new outfit every time. 

Toss It If: You prefer another design, or your LBD doesn’t flatter your body. You might also have to replace it if you’ve worn that one specific dress to every event you’ve attended for several years.

  • White Sneakers

Keep It If: It’s your only pair of white sneakers. These reliable shoes make excellent partners for any outfit. Even if you don’t like wearing anything that covers your toes, it’s wise to keep this footwear in your wardrobe. You can slip them on for casual get-ups or even for dressier occasions.

Toss It If: It remains dirty even after regularly cleaning your white sneakers. White shoe materials like canvas can easily attract dirt and stains, which are challenging to remove. It may also be time to throw your old pair away if you’ve grown out of them. You must never wear ill-fitting shoes.


Donating or selling a few items might be the best solution when your wardrobe is overflowing. However, you may still have valuable pieces you must keep in your closet.  

The items in this article are timeless and versatile because of the many different outfit combinations you can make with them. But sometimes, there are certain instances where you have to let go of them. So, start organizing your wardrobe and set aside those you need to keep and throw away.

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