Why You Should Consider Going Green With Your Next Build


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When building a new home, it is crucial to consider its environmental impact. For a long time, the construction industry has been one of the world’s most significant contributors to greenhouse gases. There are many factors to consider throughout the entire building process that can affect this impact. In recent years, climate change mitigation has been at the forefront of conversation, and we are pleased to see some innovative builders making a considerable difference across Australia. 

The population of the Sunshine Coast has dramatically increased over the last three decades, so it makes us very happy to see builders creating new ways to reduce the impact this is having on our planet. Of course, it is everyone’s responsibility to lend a hand in creating a greener future, but some industries definitely have a larger responsibility than others. So, why should builders be adapting to forward-thinking techniques? 

What impact does construction have on the environment?

First of all, every new building comes with an unfortunate weight to bear, and that is the preservation of biodiversity. When a house is built, it is undoubtedly going to require space. This space can encroach on the natural habitat of many living things. Once built, the wildlife becomes displaced and will often die as a result. Green builders now consider this and try to reduce the impact by using a multitude of green building practices. This helps by creating green spaces, eco-landscaping, reducing ecosystem disruption, and supporting local flora and fauna. If you want to know more about how Australian builders are helping, click here for professional builders on the Sunshine Coast. The challenges they overcome to help save the planet are incredible. 

Another major impact that construction has on the environment comes from the natural resources it requires. Most buildings use timber, sand, cement, and other natural minerals. If little thought is put into sourcing these materials, it can have a very negative impact on our planet. It is becoming common practice to source these materials ethically and reuse or recycle them wherever possible. Of course, the use of natural resources doesn’t end there. Once the home is built, it will need constant power, heat, insulation, air conditioning, and water. All of these things should be tackled during any new build. There are now many systems that can be installed to ensure all buildings are not damaging our environment. 

An unexpected major benefit of creating an eco-friendly home

Improving the environmental impact of your home has tremendous benefits for both our health and the health of the planet, but there is one more benefit that should not be overlooked. Running a green home comes with some upfront costs that might sting. However, it is actually much more cost-effective to do it this way. Once the initial costs have been paid, energy bills don’t only become lower; you might end up making money on the excess renewable energy you produce. If that doesn’t make you want to improve your home, what will?

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