Why You Should Consider a Vault for Your Home


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In today’s world where security and privacy can always be compromised, it is important to take certain measures to prevent the loss of our valuable items. Apart from money and cash, there are numerous other non-monetary items such as jewellery, legal or personal documents, guns, prescription medicines, family heirlooms amongst many others that one would never want to lose.

Hence, having a safety box at home is something extremely wise and smart. There’s no denying the fact that a safety box isn’t so affordable, but if we weigh its numerous benefits, it is safe to say that it’ll prove to be a worthwhile investment. Many companies including NY City Safe now have a wide range and types of safety vaults to choose from depending on your use and requirement. Below mentioned are some solid reasons which will surely convince anyone to have a safety box at home.

The Multiple Benefits

Starting from the most basic advantage, having a safety vault protects you against theft and robbery. Even if someone enters your premises, you won’t have to worry about him stealing the most valuable possessions that you have kept in the safe.

Moreover, most home safes offer protection against fire as they are made from fire-resistant materials that will keep your valuable documents and things from getting burnt. Although the vaults are not entirely waterproof, they still offer some waterproof protection depending on the water levels. Some safes possess varying levels of water resistance that may keep your entrusted valuables safe in case of any natural disaster such as flood.

In case you’re someone who has kept weapons at home for protection, it is important that you lock them away to keep them out of reach of any random person or children. To prevent any potential misuse, all sorts of weaponry should be locked in a sealed vault.


More Affordable Than a Bank Deposit Box

While a safe deposit box at your local bank branch may be best for some things, you’ll have to pay a monthly or annual fee to keep it. Most people prefer entrusting their cash, documents and jewellery in a bank’s branch thinking it’s cheaper.

If you bear the one-time expense for a personal safety vault that can last for years, you won’t have to go through the inconvenience of paying monthly or yearly deposits for the bank safety box. Plus, you’ll have access to your possessions at all times rather than being bound to only get them during banking hours.

Freedom to Lock Anything You Consider Valuable

Since it’s your own safety vault, it’s totally up to your discretion what you seal or lock-in it as you won’t have to follow any bank’s instructions. From jewellery to foreign currencies and cash, anything can be stored in the vault.

Other non-monetary items that can be kept in the vault include insurance papers, personal documents, legal documents, mortgage deeds, important locker keys, family heirlooms, sensitive computer data in USBs or drives, even items you have an emotional attachment to and don’t want to lose, ever. Whatever you store in the vault are safe from burglary, intense heat, potential water damage or any magnetic interference.

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