Why Space Saver Cots are Worth Buying

If you’re getting set up for the arrival of a new baby, there are most likely a lot of things going through your head. One of these considerations is undoubtedly the cot that you’re going to buy for your new arrival.

If you have been setting up the baby’s room and have come to notice that you might be a little restricted in terms of space for a regular-full-sized cot, you might want to consider or have already considered a space saver or mini cot.

What is a space saver cot? Space saver cots don’t usually come in any particular measurements, as regular cots do. A lot of the time they can be custom-made to fit the space that you would like to put them into, but typically you will be able to find a product that is relatively perfectly sized in terms of what you’re looking for.

Space saver cots are very worth buying. Not only do they offer the obvious advantage of taking up less room, but they are often more cost-effective too. Due to their size, they are also a lot easier to move around, with many models coming fitted with wheels to make this even easier.

So, what are the main reasons that make space saver cots worth buying?
They are cost-effective

They are cost-effective – space saver cots are often not as expensive as regular size cots. Due to the fact that there is considerable effort required to make a space saver cot, they are often cheaper. One of the main arguments against buying a space saver cot is that you will have to end up buying a larger cot anyway should your baby grow out of the space saver. However, a space saver cot is much cheaper, and can also be used again.

A great temporary solution – if for whatever reason you are planning on moving your baby’s room to a different room of your home, a space saver cot can make for a great temporary solution if you are stuck for space.

Portability – space saver cots are obviously smaller than regular cots. Hence, they are much easier to move around. Space saver cots often come fitted with wheels too, meaning that the little cot can easily be moved between different rooms or around the same room to make maximum use of the space that you have available.
Very easy to put together
Very easy to put together – the vast majority of cots do not come pre-built. They will come flat packed and you will be required to put it together yourself before they can be used. A space saver cot is much easier than a regular cut to put together, mainly due to the fact that it is considerably smaller and has fewer parts. Putting together a regular cot can be quite a challenge if you’re doing it yourself without the help of another person. You won’t run into the same trouble when setting up a space saver cot.

Overall, there are a number of advantages that space saver cots have to offer. Not only can they just make for a great temporary solution, but they can also be extremely portable and functional in smaller spaces too. There is no doubt that a space saver cot like this one from this link https://en.mokee.eu/nursery-furniture-sets-space-saver-cot.html is a great purchase.

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