Why Smokeless Firepits are the Latest Outdoor Trend

There’s nothing quite relishing and fun as relaxing around the fireplace with your family while you get to bond with each other. While this is undoubtedly a relaxing experience, this can quickly be ruined by your eyes getting all teary because of the smoke or your clothes getting poked by flying firewood. Fortunately, this doesn’t need to be an issue you’ll deal with if you choose to invest in a smokeless fire pit.

The smokeless fire pit doesn’t mean that it’s 100% smokeless. That’s not the case but rather that this system produces little to no smoke, unlike the conventional fire pits. If you’re in the market searching for a smokeless fire pit, you most likely compared two solid smokeless options. But before proceeding with the purchase, here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy after buying this equipment. 

Reduced Smells

The smokeless fire pit has quickly become popular because it doesn’t produce the pungent smell of wood-burning as the traditional fire pits. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about your clothes having any foul odor that might put off anyone next to you. This is because the smokeless fire pit doesn’t produce as much smoke, thereby making the entire experience more enjoyable. 

Wind Doesn’t Affect It

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Enjoying yourself outside is no doubt fun, but all this can quickly be brought to a halt by the arrival of wind. Fortunately, you never have to cut short your time outside around the fire when using a smokeless fire pit. This is possible because its performance isn’t affected even slightly by unpredictable and strong winds thanks to its excellent airflow management. Therefore, you can continue having fun with your friends and family around the fire, enjoying the outdoor space. 

It Burns Consistently

The smokeless fire pit has a constant airflow and burns speed throughout the entire period it’s burning. This gives it a consistent ambiance you wouldn’t have enjoyed with the traditional fire pit. Having such consistency is essential as the last thing you want is smoke blowing in all directions while the flames are rustling. Otherwise, this will end up ruining the mood and ambiance you were enjoying around the fire pit while sharing stories. 

The smokeless fire pit’s consistency feature guarantees that the fire pit remains consistent while still producing quality burning the entire time. Therefore, when looking to create a romantic ambiance, the smokeless fire pit is undoubtedly an excellent choice. 

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Have you been spending lots of money on firewood? Then it’s about time you invest in a smokeless fire pit as it burns a lot more efficiently and saves your hard-earned money. This is possible because it doesn’t use as much energy as the conventional fire pit. It achieves this thanks to its airflow and unique engineering design. As a result, you get to make the most from each firewood, which further improves your experience while still saving money. 

Little Or No Irritation

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Using the traditional fire pit usually involves lots of smoke hovering around, which ruins the whole experience. This is by irritating your eyes and respiratory system. The smokeless fire pit does away with this problem, meaning you enjoy the entire time around the fireplace. 

If you have any respiratory condition such as asthma, consider investing in the smokeless fire pit rather than quitting spending time around the fireplace altogether. This means your lungs always get enough oxygen supply that isn’t guaranteed if you keep breathing in too much smoke produced by a conventional fire pit.   

Some of the harmful toxins that can find their way into your body by inhaling smoke include; 

  • Benzene 
  • PAHs 
  • Acrolein 
  • Formaldehyde 

Inhaling these toxins over time will put your lungs and heart at risk. It also makes the whole experience unenjoyable due to discomfort to the eyes and coughing due to the smoke being produced. 

Hotter Fire

Another reason the smokeless fire pit is an incredible choice is that it produces a hotter fire than the traditional fire pit. This is very impressive, considering it uses less firewood. Therefore, it’s the no-brainer choice when you want to enjoy a hotter fire for an extended duration. You wouldn’t have enjoyed a similar experience had you chosen to go with conventional fire pits. 

Less Mess

While spending time around the fireplace is fun, the mess created somewhat dent’s the fun of this entire experience. This is because you’ll need to clean up the charcoal and ash waste produced by the fire pit. But with the smokeless fire pit, the waste produced will be a lot smaller as it burns a lot more efficiently, meaning you use less wood and fuel.

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