Why Mobility is Important for Your Loved Ones Inside and Outside

When a loved one becomes incapable of moving around on their own 24/7, it is up to you to help them accommodate their lives around their disability. This means building ramps, rearranging their home, purchasing a Zinger Chair, and even researching in-home care providers for when you are not able to be there for them. These all may seem like difficult tasks that are time-consuming, but the fact of the matter is, it needs to be done for their health and peace of mind. No one wants to be stuck at home in their bedroom due to mobility issues. They want the problem fixed so they can still keep some independence in their life.

Making Changes to Their Home

Making Changes to Their Home

Although rearranging furniture can help your loved one move around easier in their Zinger Chair, it doesn’t always make things easily accessible for them. Most of the time new products need to be bought to allow them to reach higher places and get from point A to point B. Some household items that may need to be replaced are as follows:

  • Countertops—As everyone knows, countertops are usually built up to the height of a person’s stomach, which means someone in a wheelchair cannot have full access to the counter, cannot make meals, or reach dishware.
  • Bathroom—The most important room in the house to change for someone in a wheelchair is the bathroom. The person needs handicap rails to ease themselves onto the toilet and in the shower. They will also need some type of shower chair. Standing is almost impossible depending on their medical diagnosis.
  • Ramps—If there is a step-up into their home or a deck out front, it is critical that a ramp is built so they can venture outside of their home without the constant help of others. Although help is required in many moments, allowing them to get fresh air when they need it is very important.
  • Rearranging—Once a Zinger Chair is purchased, you can then go around your family or friends home and figure out what furniture is going to be in the way of them and their chair. If they get up in the middle of the night, they need to be able to access places the bathroom and kitchen with ease and without bumping into everything.

The Importance of Independence

The Importance of Independence
As we grow older, there are very few things we get to hold onto. One of these things, more often than not, is independence. If you truly care about your loved one’s willpower to hang on to their independence, it is critical to make sure they have the means to move around freely, without having to call for help on a regular basis. If they wake up feeling energetic, maybe they will want to make coffee or even a sandwich at lunchtime. In order for them to do these things, they need you to help get things set in place so they can roam around the house without any obstacles. When thinking about obstacles, most think furniture. Although this is correct, there are many more obstacles than just that, including the type of flooring, uneven ground, and where their appliances sit. All of these things should be looked at carefully and tested before leaving them alone.

Testing Out Mobility Options

Testing Out Mobility Options
Before anything is set in stone and changes are made for good, it is important to stay with your family member for a day and help them become accustomed to new items and changes in their home. By doing this, you are able to tell exactly what will work and what won’t. For instance, if you purchase new countertops so they can reach everything and it isn’t the right height for them, you will need to remodel the counters and try for a new height. By leaving them to try everything out on their own, you will not be there to witness what is going wrong. Sometimes, a helpful hand showing them different ways to use new items is much simpler than purchasing something for the second time.

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