Why Every Construction Company Needs a Plasma Cutter



It’s no secret that metal is a critical multipurpose material in the construction realm. The problem with utilizing various metals is that it’s not easy to mold and manipulate, which is why production facilities rely on heavy-duty machinery to move, cut, and manipulate various metals. One such tool that construction companies can rely on to get the molding and manipulating job done is a CNC plasma cutter. If your construction company isn’t using one of these cutters yet, here are a few reasons why you should get into using plasma on a regular basis sooner rather than later.

What is a plasma cutter?

What is a plasma cutter

You’ve likely seen a plasma cutter in action if you have ever watched an extreme building show. These cutters use a combination of plasma gas and a plasma torch to create an electrical arc that’s capable of slicing through metal. The extreme heat involved raises the temperature of the gas, converting it into plasma, which is hot enough to pass through thick material. Plasma cutting results in the clean, smooth cutting of conductive materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper.

If you’re looking for a plasma cutting company that can guide you as you implement plasma into your construction operations, consider Messer Cutting. With over a century’s experience perfecting machinery for straight and bevel plasma cutting, they’re reliable and can provide the guidance you need. Their CNC, computer numerical control, machines are designed for durability to deliver high quality, precision cutting, and smooth surface edges on a range of conductive materials and thickness. Their custom CNC plasma cutting machines have the capacity to reliably and precisely prepare metal components such as mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Whether you need a CNC machine to produce large beams or small fittings, you need the right plasma cutting machine with the capacity to do a great job every time.

Plasma cutting allows construction companies to achieve cleaner, sliced lines, and sturdier constructions. Take a look at some of the ways how a CNC cutter can benefit a construction company.

Perfecting the Production Process

Perfecting the Production Process

A plasma cutter is an essential workpiece for any company in the manufacturing industry, from construction companies to locksmiths. There are two categories of plasma cutters: manual and mechanized. Manual plasma cutters are small, versatile, and hand-held making them ideal for welding jobs involving small fittings.

Mechanized plasma cutters are suited for large-scale jobs as they have more features used in conjunction with cutting tables. Such automation requires a large power supply in the work area, which means that mechanized plasma cutters aren’t mobile. Making the choice between a manual or mechanized plasma cutter depends on the size, shape, and thickness of the conductive material being cut and the needs of your job site.

Fabricating Metal on the Road

Fabricating Metal on the Road

A plasma cutter is essential for contractors on job sites. Before the technology behind plasma cutters came onto the scene, contractors needed to arrive on-site with pre-cut metal according to size specifications. A portable plasma cutter can save a construction company time and money spent on-site by allowing contractors to cut thick material on the spot.

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Cutting Metal and Costs Simultaneously

Cutting Metal and Costs Simultaneously

Smaller-scale plasma cutters can cut through mild steel or metal with an average thickness of 25mm at a rate faster than oxy-fuel torches. This high-speed cutting capability safely increases productivity in the workplace without the use of flammable gases and open flames. Fewer workplace hazards mean a safer work environment while cutting costs on the overall cutting process.

For any construction company, cleanly and precisely cutting through thick material is essential to sturdy construction. Plasma cutters are the ideal solution for perfecting the production process, fabricating metal pieces on-site, and cutting metal and costs simultaneously.

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