Why Does Everyone Love Mid-Century Modern Design?

A trend that seems to show no sign of slowing down anytime soon, Mid-Century Modern design is still continuing to gain individuals’ interest over the recent years. 

What Is Mid-Century Modern?

The term is commonly used in reference to the popular, post World War II design movement of the Mid-Century, which is where its name came from. There are many variations, and it is hard to pinpoint an exact time period, it is an agreement that it refers to the years around the 1940s to 1970s.

It doesn’t just apply to interior design, even though this is its most popular element, it can also be used to describe architecture, furniture, accessories and materials. The furniture and architecture can be categorised with clean lines and simple forms.

That doesn’t answer the question however, why does everyone love mid-century modern design?

Mid-Century Modern Design3

A Wide Colour Palette

At the centre of a mid-century modern colour palette, is earthy and warm colours, yet you can also feature some rich and bold colours that also fit within the theme. As a lot of the designs incorporate simplistic shapes, the style allows you to layer visual interest into your interior with bright pops of colour. Think of a bold mustard, orange, deep red or olive green.

Making A Connection With Nature

Mid-Century Modern interiors emphasise the importance of nature, because of this, a lot of designs have organic inspiration. You can fill your space with natural materials such as wood, leather, cotton and metal, while contrasting them with fibreglass and plastic due to the technological design advancements of the era. 

Bringing in accent greenery and plants just adds depth to your interior.

Talented Designers

Groundbreaking revelations were made during this era, with better manufacturing techniques and new materials being used by designers. Designers such as Eames, Eero Saarinen and Florence Knoll’s work seemed to reflect this bold and innovative process of design. 

Mid-Century Modern Design2

As Fresh Today As They Were 70 Years Ago

The simplicity and versatility of the designs seems to be as appealing today as they were back when they were released, especially as our lives get busier. These designs seem to have acquired a style that is timeless, comforting but still fresh.

Versatile Designs

Many of the designs can fit in with more than just a mid-century modern interior. The priority of function has meant that the designs suit a wide range of interior styles, you can see iconic Eames chair designs from the mid-century being styled in contemporary, modern and more homes.

I think this is the key reason why it is so popular today, it’s simple without being boring, eye-catching without being too fussy. It is the perfect balance that a lot of people set out to achieve in their own interior. 

Furniture is kept simple without unnecessary elements, giving you more room to accessorise and make your home unique. The pieces are like blank canvases that allow you to create what you want your home to be. They prioritised function in their designs, something that can never go out of fashion.

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