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There are so many types of roofing equipment, supplies, tools, and materials that even anexperienced person may go crazy sifting through the list of needed items. And hence here is a simple list of the mostimportant things that are needed in roofing. You may develop a better idea from this or may find the list useful next time you go shopping for your vital roofing supplies.

The Basic roofing tools

roofing tools
The basic tools are used for checking the roof, inspecting, measuring moisture, cleaning, and many more types of jobs. These tools are apt for the protection of the roofers during work and give the perfect professional base to work.

Roofing Knives- They are used for cutting shingles, and the advanced knife models are retractable, and they are also used in many other works other than shingle cutting. They are not like conventional knives, but a tool for bringing utmost precision to work.

Air Knife– Air Knife is a very accurate cutting tool, which works faster than roofing knives.

Plumb Line– They are staples of the toolbox and serves essentially for marking. As precision in measurement is critical in roofing, hence the plumb line is used to draw reference points, and chalk marks are added. These lines become the layout lines.

Hammer Stapler– Roofs must be installed using hammer staplers so that the protection roofs give against weather is set properly. Thicker materials are stapled mainly using the tool. The tool looks like a nail gun and works like a stapler. With this tool, the air compressor is needed.

Roofing Hammer– A hammer is most important in roof installation. Hammers are not just used to hit and see nails but have other interesting applications like breaking and splitting tiles, shingles, etc.

Retractable steel tape measure– This tool is used by engineers, architects, and construction workers, and is a vital tool for taking measurements.

Now, these are just the hand tools and the necessities in roofing. But there are more.

Tools for repairing job

Tools for repairing job
There are dedicated tools for removal and repairing jobs in roofing. Some tools are for roof replacements. Replacements are done before repairing the entire roof or a patch, or before renovating an old roof. And then the repairing supplies come into action. These tools described below are used in such jobs.

Roofing Hatchets– Hatchets are available in many styles, sizes, and shapes. There are plain hatchets, and then hatchets with nails, claws, and some have lights fitted on them. The choice purely depends on the project cost and difficulty level.

Pry Bar– A pry bar is used for pulling up the old roofing material. These are good for those roofs and installed in multiples, which are replaced and repaired in regular intervals. With varying types of length and strength components, the pry bars are important for roof removal and replacements.

Magnetic Sweeper– These sweepers are perfect for fast removal of debris, especially metallic debris. They help in cleaning up when there is too much mess.

Seam Rollers– Various types of seam rollers are available, and they are made of either rubber or steel. Simple repairing works need handheld small seam rollers. For bigger projects, the longer bigger rollers are needed.

Shingle Saws– They are of two types: handheld and mechanical. These are used for cutting thick shingles easily. And as per the type of shingle material and thickness the blade and saw can be changed in them.

Caulking Gun– Sealing using roofing cement is done using Caulking guns. They dispense caulk, and this helps carry on with the roofing project at ease.

Shingle Removers– With handheld version and push broom feature, this is a very handy and important tool in roof repairing, and comes in use in projects of any size.

Nail Guns– When you use air compressors with the best roofing nail guns like these ones, then they can do heavy projects. Nail guns again come in various styles and sizes and offer work comfort and flexibility. Once loaded with nails it can contain many nails and reduces labor.

Nail Sweeper– Nail sweepers are for magnetically picking up sharp fasteners. Nails and metal fasteners are attracted by the sweeper magnetically thereby reducing labor and chances of accidental pricking.

Equipment for safety

Equipment for safety
For roofing projects, one of the must-haves is safety gears. You must have proper height safety equipment as roofing involves working at heights while taking various risks, while sometimes staying suspended, and sometimes on tiptoes too for specific jobs. Hence, to maintain body balance and ensure safety from slips and falls, this equipment is necessary. They are available at all roofing tool suppliers like precisionroofingsupplies.com.

Hard Hats– Whether you are in a small roofing project or seriously tough project, a hard hat must be worn to protect the head from any accidental injuries.

Working Gloves– Safety gloves to protect hands and fingers from accidental bruises, pricks, shocks, and injuries is especially enforced while working on metal roofs. The chances of sharp metal contact are high here. That’s why work gloves are needed.

Fall Protection Kit– This is a kit made from a reusable anchor for the roof, a rope grab, a harness for full body, and a rope lifeline.

Brackets– These are guards that prevent fall from the edge of the roof by preventing sliding. When the worker loses footing, then chances of accidents are high, and these guards protect from that.

Other common supplies for roofing and roof replacement

Instead of investing in cheap quality roofing materials which may not last long and compel you to repair those or replace with a new one, you should aim for standard good quality supplies for the work. Materials for roofing come in various qualities, but their categories, in general, are as follows:

Fiber Cement– Fiber cemented roofs give a house an industrial look and style. They can also be made to look like wood shingles or planks. They are economical, easily available, and recyclable. They are weather resistant too and last for 20 to 30 years in a warm or oceanic climate. They are fireproof too and offer good protection. The only problem with them is they are prone to cracking in very cold temperatures.

Wood Shingles– Wood Shingles are made of wood and are an affordable roofing option because of the reasonable cost of shingles, and the low cost of installation as charged by roofers for this material. Besides, they have an extraordinary visual appeal, natural look, and style. When buying wood shingles, look for the best quality, which is made from the wood of redwood, cedar, or pine. There are other varieties too, but real organic wood made shingles are best. Also,split and cracked shingles need to be replaced as you notice them, to prevent the growth of mosses. With proper maintenance wood shingles can last 25 to 50 years.

Metal roofs– The life of metal roofs is generally quite long and may last till 50 years. Besides metals are recyclable, and also is energy efficient. Weight wise they are easy to handle and lighter and also well resistant to weather. Normally metal roofs are preferred for resistance to fire and wind and harsh conditions. With the right installation of metal roofs, the problem of leaks as it happens with shingle roofs can be avoided well.

Asphalt Shingles– With a general lifespan of 30 years asphalt shingles also are good for architectural roofing. Easy to install and afford, they are a good choice for roofing. But their problem is that theyare not recyclable. Otherwise, they are a popular choice for coming in various styles and colors, and they are fire resistant too.

Concrete and Clay tiles– These are great for homes of Mediterranean styles, and are great roofing installation materials. Additional roof framing is required in these materials. The tiles can last for up to 50 years. If the installation is done in the right climatic conditions, then these tiles can last for long and can withstand harsh weather.

Slate roofs– Slates are a good choice for roofing for all the right reasons. They are recyclable and easily repairable. However, they are heavy materials and get damaged by excess heat. But they add to the visual appeal and are available in many colors to suit to the color and theme of the building. The main reason slate is chosen for roofing is its long life. While other materials may last a maximum 50 years, this would last 100 years, and thus one can save on repairing and replacements costs.


Investing in high-quality roofing supplies is a must to build a reputation as the roofing contractor, ensure your roofers work in mental peace and full security and increase your work quality and productivity.

To buy the best you need the best seller who deals in best quality supplies. Reputed sellers would give you the best supplies and also you can get sure that you are paying the right price for the items too. Also, timely shipping of items is a concern which makes contractors wait, and with a good seller, you won’t have to wait long.

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