Why do people use helicopter gantry cranes for aircraft lifting equipment?


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Helicopter cranes (also called “sky cranes” or “aerial cranes”) are construction helicopters. People use them for aircraft lifting equipment. They hoist huge loads and transport freight more effectively using rigging gear like cables and slings. They’re also used for hauling heavy goods, installing rooftop units, and working on utility construction projects.

Continue reading to learn more about aerial cranes and their varied applications.

Use of helicopter gantry cranes for aircraft lifting equipment:

1. Lifting and Transporting Construction Materials and Heavy Cargo

Helicopter cranes are an excellent choice for heavy lifting and transporting machinery and other bulky construction supplies, such as:

  • Brick
  • Heavy bale loads 
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Steel

Helicopter cranes can also transfer rig parts and large equipment much more quickly. This is because you won’t need to move goods, cargo, or equipment by vehicle any longer. This translates to substantially greater loads, fewer changeovers, and less time spent transporting cargo.

2. Installing, Removing, and Replacing Rooftop Units

Crane helicopters are used to install, replace, or remove commercial HVAC equipment, ventilation systems, and adapter curbs.

Ground cranes are not a practical alternative for placing units on very tall structures in remote places or buildings with large square footage.   With a helicopter crane, several rooftop installations and removal operations can be completed in as little as 1-2 hours.

For projects in huge cities or steep terrain, they’re far more efficient (so there’s no need for roadways!). Furthermore, there is no risk of traffic delays or landscape devastation compared to a typical ground crane

3. Utility Construction Projects

Besides being used for aircraft lifting equipment, helicopter cranes are used for a variety of utility construction projects. They are as under:

  • Power line repairing and construction
  • Radio transmission tower and Cell tower setting
  • Pipeline repair and construction 
  • Gas and oil transportation
  • Transportation as well as placement of the water systems

Aerial cranes also help to:

  • Move heavy petroleum barrels over longer distances
  • Individual components of machinery for the installation of communications towers and satellites in remote areas.

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4. Forestry Operations and Restoration

No doubt, Helicopter cranes are used for aircraft lifting equipment. They are also useful in forestry operations, such as logging. Moreover, they are being used as in improving and restoring critical habitats like forests and streams.

5. Ski Lift Installation

You can also engage a helicopter lifting business to help with the construction of your ski lift. Aerial cranes can be used to fly in the rigging equipment, towers, and cross arms needed to construct your lift. However, you must first create the foundation for your lift towers before flying in pieces. 

A helicopter crane can pour 100 to 130 yards of concrete each day, considerably reducing the time it takes to complete your job. To pour 130 yards of concrete with concrete trucks, you’d need around 13 of them!

The Bottom Line

Helicopter gantry cranes are utilized not only for aircraft lifting equipment but also for other purposes. They are your one-stop solution to complete your work in a more safe, timely, and precise manner. Always choose a professional supplier for your lifting and moving cranes. 

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