Why Do I Need to Get My Boiler Serviced?


Boiler Serviced

Do I need to get my boiler serviced? Is it worth it? These are very common questions that come to the minds of those when thinking of house maintenance. We believe it is necessary that you should know the importance of boiler servicing. It is important to have your boiler serviced annually. This will ensure it’s running efficiently and safely for the year ahead.

Here are some of the top reason you should get your boiler serviced:

Servicing your boiler keeps you and your home healthy and safe

It has been reported by the Department of Health and Social Care that carbon monoxide poisoning sends 4,000 people to A&E each year. It is very important you have your boiler serviced on a regular basis because carbon monoxide is a colourless, tasteless, odourless and non-irritating gas which cannot be easily detected. In a nutshell, a damaged boiler can damage your health.
Servicing your boiler keeps you and your home healthy and safe

Servicing your boiler can help you save money

Servicing your boiler on a regular basis will ensure that the appliance is working efficiently which can help you to maximise your gas bills resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. Most warranties are void if you do not service your boiler for more than 12 months. In this situation, if your boiler does break down you will be required to cover any associated labour and materials cost. If your boiler requires an annual service make sure to book one in time with us to save you from losing your money. We have the flexibility of providing appointments that suit you and with our online booking, you can book an appointment day or night.

It can help you pick up on issues before they escalate

As we may all agree, due to the UK’s temperate climate it is never ideal to have a faulty boiler. Having a faulty boiler can cause an inconvenience as this can result in you having to go without heating and hot water in your home. Therefore, it is important to always view boiler servicing as a necessity. Not servicing your boiler can potentially lead to the appliance being put under unnecessary strain causing components to fail. By getting a regular boiler service, gas and heating engineers can pick up on common issues before they escalate into a bigger problem that could result in requiring a boiler replacement before one is due.

When we service boilers, we usually carry out a full strip-down of the main burner and clean the combustion chamber. We then check the emissions from the flue of the boiler to make sure it is running with the optimum efficiency and in accordance with the guidelines.

We make it our ultimate priority to make sure that the cover of the boiler is removed, all the parts are inspected, the pilot light is checked, the water and gas pressure is recorded, the pipework is inspected for corrosion and any carbon monoxide leakage is checked for. We carry out all these checks as it is our priority to make sure the boiler is safe to use.

If you’re a Landlord, a landlord gas safety is not a boiler service.

All landlords in the United Kingdom are required by law to carry out gas safety checks on all gas appliances in their properties on an annual basis and have a landlord certificate issued. A boiler service and landlord gas safety inspection are not that same things, as part of the certification, we are only required to complete a combustion test and check that the safety features are working properly. We believe that a landlord gas a duty to ensure that the boiler is also working efficiently and therefore offer a discounted rate to complete a boiler service and landlord gas safety inspection at the same time.

Plumr can help you with all your boiler servicing and maintenance needs

All the services mentioned above take our professionals around 45 minutes and we will leave your home or business exactly as we found it. We pride ourselves on providing a good service with polite well-trained staff. Our staff are responsible for this and we will always make sure you are satisfied with our service.
Plumr can help you with all your boiler servicing and maintenance needs
We would also like to assure you that we are closely following the advice from the Government and the NHS to maintain the safety of our customers and staff, during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We may install, repair and service boilers and central heating systems, but we also pride ourselves in doing a lot of plumbing maintenance which includes everything from burst pipes, dripping taps to various other kitchen and bathroom repair/installation work!

So, if you would like a boiler to be serviced and the system checked please contact us either by email on [email protected], call the office on 0208 616 8710 to arrange an appointment or you can request a free quote/video quote through our contact form.

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