Why a Wedding in a Luxury Philippines Hotel is the Perfect Way to Start Married Life


Wedding in a Luxury Philippines Hotel 3

It’s a beautiful time in any man’s life when they know that they have found a partner that they want to be with for the rest of their life. It might have started off just as friends, but gradually the chemistry took hold and nights out with friends became dates between the couple. 

All dreams came true when the lady in question accepted a proposal of marriage, one of the happiest moments that can happen to anyone. But now, how about doing something very special for the big day and looking for an exotic location. There’s no better choice than to arrange the event at one of the best Manila wedding hotels.

What a start to marriage this will be. An incredible destination teeming with life that will capture the hearts of all who attend. It’s bound to appeal to anyone with a strong romantic streak with passion burning inside, heading to a city with a rich culture where there is a strong influence of Spanish colonial history with lots of attractions and landmarks waiting to tell a story.

The big day couldn’t be staged anywhere more captivating. Guests will be grabbed on arrival by the stunning artwork portrayed in the lobby of Las Paginas de la Historia where Instagrammers head for snaps. Manila’s Golden Age is captured in its design and architecture, as the Latini spirit is alive and kicking waiting to capture the imagination. It might offer inspiration for the return home with design ideas for a stylish bedroom.

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Talking bedrooms, each room in the hotel offers incredible designs with bespoke furnishings and features that will add to the memorable stay, including a large LED flat screen TV, and a large comfortable bed which is bound to get maximum usage. There is a large selection of rooms and suites right through to one of 108 sqm to fit every requirement and guarantee ultimate luxury. All the rooms offer sophistication and views of the city or bay.

The location is perfect for those wanting to get the most from what will be an incredible stay in the capital. It is in the heart of high-society glamour and where visiting dignitaries are found. The throbbing nightlife offered by the multitude of bars and restaurants with the best in retail therapy and some green spaces means that there is something for everyone on the doorstep of the hotel. Those that fancy reliving the history of old Manila might like to visit a relic from the Spanish Empire

The hotel also provides fantastic dining options with several restaurants and coffee bars with some offering wonderful vistas. There are also bars and even a nightclub, where the celebrations can continue, while those wanting to stay healthy might enjoy using the fitness centre, pool, or spa.

A luxury hotel with all the facilities and amenities anyone could ask for in the heart a fascinating vibrant city rich in history and culture is the perfect place to stage a wedding and ensure married life gets off to a great start.

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