Why a Mattress Topper Might be Better than a New Mattress

No one likes sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, in fact, I don’t think any one can sleep on a lumpy mattress. Not properly anyway, it’s always too much to handle and you’re never quite as comfortable as you want to be so you toss and turn and keep waking up and before you know it you’re getting up ready for work.

No fun for anybody.

But a new mattress is expensive right? Too expensive to buy on whim, but have you thought about a mattress topper? A mattress topper could be the way forward, The Dozy Owl has loads more detail on them and helped me find a mattress topper that really changed my sleep.

So I wanted to share the love and talk about how a mattress topper can help you too.

1.Mattress Toppers Are Cheaper

Mattress Toppers Are Cheaper

A fraction of the price of a new mattress and might just be able to take your bed to that next level of comfort you’ve been waiting for that can help you sleep through the night. Where a new mattress can set you back up to £1000 a mattress topper might only cost you a few hundred pound, so even if it only lasts half as long as a mattress that’s still a big saving. And when it could potentially give you an extra 5 years out of your mattress it’s a no brainer.

2.Mattress Toppers Are Comfortable

Mattress Toppers Are Comfortable
They just are! Especially a nice memory foam one that can mould to your body and keep you still all night long letting you get the rest you deserve. And if you get a nice thick one it will perfectly cover up any springs that are in the wrong place or lumps that seem to sag to nowhere.

3.Mattress Toppers Keep you Cool

Mattress Toppers Keep you Cool
At least some of them do, and as we come back around to summer, if it’s going to be anywhere as hot as last year then it’s important that you get kept cool at night. Because there’s nothing worse than getting woken up in the middle of the night because your all sweaty so you throw the covers off only to wake up an hour later freezing cold again. Not good.

4.They Can Soften A New Mattress

They Can Soften A New Mattress
If your mattress is too firm then you might not be able to get comfortable enough to sleep, and you might think the solution is a whole new mattress, but did you know a mattress topper can soften your mattress? So much so that it will really feel completely different!

5.They Can Firm Up A Mattress

They Can Firm Up A Mattress
And the flip side is a latex mattress topper can actually firm up a soft mattress providing you with a bit more support and a more reassuring sleep surface. This can be great if you’re prone to back pain at all because it might be caused by not getting enough support along your spine, and it just helps to give you that little bit of feel to the mattress to keep you comfortable.

Either Way a topper is definitely something to consider before you decide to get a new mattress, whether it’s memory foam, latex or even feather.

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