Which Air Conditioner is The Perfect One for Your Home?

Do you think air conditioner is a necessity or a luxury? Whatever may be your views on the dos and don’ts of AC, chances are high that you’re finding it tough to stay without an air conditioner, keeping in mind the quality of air and climate. So, are you planning to purchase a new air conditioning Oshawa unit for your home? If answered yes, you have to be careful about the steps that you should take in order to install the best air conditioning unit in your home.

You may not be aware of the fact that air conditioners can be broadly set into different categories like ductless split units, window units, ductless cassette units and suitable units. Each of them come in different designs, models and star ratings which determine the level of energy-efficiency of the appliance.

Ductless Split AC

Ductless Split AC

When it comes to a split AC, it is a ductless AC which is mounted on the wall and this form has become increasingly common among urban homes. You get these types in different colors and sleek designs. They have 3 components, the indoor handling unit, the outdoor compressor and few electrical cables. Few pros of ductless split ACs are:

  • There is minimal leakage of air as the connection between an indoor and outdoor unit is through the lines which move through a small hole that’s drilled into the external wall.
  • One more added benefit of split AC is they can be maintained in a very easy manner. These air conditions have filters that are washable and they can be removed periodically, washed and put back to their actual state.
  • They don’t make any noise as the air blowers are there in the room and the noisy compressor lies outside.
  • The operational cost isn’t very high as because the user will only switch it on when they need to.

Ductless cassette AC

If you haven’t heard about cassette AC, they are a ductless unit which is mounted in the ceiling with a basic size of 2×2 feet. The operation mode is almost similar to a split AC. The cassette unit offers powerful cooling and due to the fact that it is placed in the center of the ceiling, it is the best for living-cum-dining areas where people are seated at different locations. Here are few advantages of such ACs.

  • They are installed with the cavity of the ceiling which is the space in between the actual ceiling and the false ceiling. This is one of the effective ways of saving your wall and window space as only the fascia of the main unit will be visible through the faux ceiling.
  • Since we are aware of the fact that cool air descends, this will make a cassette AC extremely helpful for cooling.
  • They are armed with directional blowing capacities which move the air in different directions. Due to this, the conditioned air could be distributed evenly among the farthest places of the room.
  • They don’t make any noise and the air blowers will only be present inside the room.

Therefore, now that you plan to install an air conditioning unit in your room, you can take into account the above-mentioned details and base your decisions on what you learned from the points.

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