Where to Look for Design Inspiration

After having looked at the same 4 walls for the past year, you will probably be pretty sick of them by now. Renovating or redecorating your home could be the solution. You may be able to create a whole new look that will make you feel energized and more motivated. Here are different ways to get inspired:

Looking at a different magazine.

As someone who loves design, you probably have your favourite magazines, which you read on a regular basis. Why not try one you haven’t looked at before? You could find one by visiting your local newsagent or searching for magazines online. Or you could ask your friends. By using the Google translate plugin you can also find inspiration in magazine editions in other languages, such as Elle Décor Italia

Go somewhere you haven’t been before.

You may be surprised how much a different setting can inspire you. If you have always wanted to visit a certain area of your city or even a restaurant or coffee shop, take advantage of it now. Interior decoration is about taking in different styles and the smallest details which could give you the perfect idea for your home. One of the most creative and unique places is London. Hopping on one of the trains to London and soaking in the most inspiring art, architecture, and interior design that the city has to offer, can be a great choice. 

Even getting out and exploring nature can help you get a different perspective on things. It can help clear your mind and make room for new ideas and creativity. It can also relax you, which makes it easier to feel inspired.


Curation sites

You don’t have to look at every website or magazine individually. Finding a site that features the best new articles in the interior design world will save you time. Platforms like Design Hunt put together the best content by top sites like Dribble, Fast Co and Abduzeedo. 

You could also set up your own content curation on Pinterest or a similar platform. Put together the most inspiring new content that you have found, and sort it by colours or rooms. 

Of course, you can also search for new portfolios that stand out. Design universities often show off the work of some incredibly talented students. To make planning your new room more enjoyable, check out these room planning tools

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