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The security of your home or commercial space is of great importance. By having high-quality locks, doors, and security systems, you protect your property and everyone who lives or works there. From the very installation of these systems, they should be handled by qualified and experienced locksmiths.

But you’ll certainly need their services later. Unfortunately, many think of locksmiths only when a problem arises, like when they find themselves in a situation where they lose their keys or get locked out by accident.

To avoid these mishaps, it’s important to know you can hire locking experts preventively and thus reduce security risks in your work and living space. Here are some situations when calling the best locksmith Vancouver is a good idea.

Emergency Situations

Most people will think of a locksmith when they find themselves in an unenviable situation, for example, when they lose their keys or accidentally lock themselves out of their house or car. Certainly, these are emergencies that no one wants to be in, especially if it’s night or cold outside. They can happen for many reasons.

Maybe the lock is damaged, or the key broke. Perhaps you lost your keys and can’t get into your house, office, or car. In these situations, forcing the lock open is not a solution. Instead, you should seek the help of an experienced locksmith to open the lock, and if there is damage, repair it and make a new set of keys.

Lock Repairs

Locks that are broken, obstructed, or damaged for any reason compromise the security and discretion of your home. It’s certainly not pleasant when the bathroom door can’t be closed due to a broken lock or the front door key being broken. So, to have peace of mind, call a Vancouver locksmith to solve any locking problem you might have.

These locking experts can deal with different types of locks and security systems. In case you have a specific model that requires professional handling, you can get in touch with the system installer. They’ll recommend local locksmiths specialized in working with such systems. These are complex and costly circuits, so any unprofessional handling can lead to even bigger problems.

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You’ve Just Moved In

Whether you bought or rented a house, you can’t wait to move in. After finally getting in, it’s highly recommended that you change the locks and make new sets of keys. You never know who might have the key to your new home and whether they might abuse it. So better safe than sorry.

If you own a property, you can hire any Vancouver locksmith (here’s how to do that). In case you’re just a tenant, you can agree with the landlord to do the rekeying at your own expense. They can suggest locksmiths with whom they may have worked before. But it’s always better to hire them yourself, of course, with the landlord’s consent. And if you’re a landlord, it’s advisable to change the locks after the tenants move out, for the same reasons already explained.

In certain situations, you can also change the locks on the house where you already live. For example, you got divorced or went through a painful breakup. Asking ex-partners for keys back can trigger drama and some unwanted events that can be quite stressful. Calling a locksmith to rekey your house is a much more efficient and painless solution.

The Burglaries Became More Frequent

The crime rate in the neighbourhood is one of the factors you consider before buying a house. However, circumstances can easily change. Thus, a sometimes quiet and peaceful area can become a breeding ground for burglars who are just waiting for their chance to break into your house and rob you. If that happens, significant damage remains after the break-in, especially to doors, windows, and security systems, if any.

After the burglary has been committed, and after you have called the police and your insurer, it’s of great importance to resecure your property as soon as possible. So, you have to hire a certified locksmith with a proven reputation to avoid misuse. Get new locks and keys, and make sure no one but you has spare ones.

Also, locksmiths can help you increase the security of your home or commercial space by installing security locks and upgrading your current security system. That’s an excellent prevention to lower the risk of criminal activity. You can choose from many solutions, such as keycards, systems that require fingerprints, or passcodes.

Find helpful tips on how to prevent burglary below:


Locksmiths in Vancouver can help you with a myriad of problems. Regardless of why you need their services and how urgent the situation is, you must find a reputable and reliable locking expert. You can’t and shouldn’t entrust your home or office to just anyone.

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