When Should a Tree Service Montgomery Alabama be Called?


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Alabama is a beautiful place to live in. With its Southern American charm, you can enjoy a peaceful stay in a beautiful house with a lawn, which can be a luxury for many. It doesn’t always happen that you have the chance to live in semi-rural lands, with lots of trees and greens, where you can enjoy some fresh air. This can be a wonderful relief from what would’ve otherwise been a concrete jungle in big cities, where even the tiniest of plants would be a luxury.

But this comfortable setup also entails responsibilities. One of these is ensuring that the tree on your yard is still healthy enough to remain standing and not serve as a nuisance to the general public.

That said, here are some telltale signs that should warn you when it’s time to have your tree cut down by a tree removal Montgomery AL:

1. When The Tree Interferes With Your Utilities

When you can see that your tree is starting to get in the way of your utilities, then that’s a sign you need to call for a tree service. For instance, the branches of your trees shouldn’t interfere with electrical wires in your house or on a street. The roots of the tree shouldn’t also hit possible water pipes that comprise of your plumbing system. If you turn a blind eye to this, it can mean serious trouble not just to your home, but also to your neighbors. Especially if your tree is relatively old, this increases the threat of your tree branches suddenly falling through the wires during heavy storms and severe winds.
When The Tree Interferes With Your Utilities
This can be a serious hazard. As a responsible homeowner, you should call for a tree service to have your branches pruned.

2. When Tree Branches Look Dangerously Brittle

The older a tree is, the higher the danger it can pose to you and the public. A tree is around to provide shade, but you won’t be able to relax under it if you’re afraid a branch might fall. When the tree has been around your home for a long time now, you’d be able to determine when it’s the best time to have this problem solved. For instance, does the bark look like it’s starting to get weak? Have branches been falling more frequently? These are telltale signs that the tree branch might fall and give up anytime soon. When you don’t call for a tree service, you expose your family and your property to accidents and injuries should the tree branch fall on a car or, worse, a person.

3. When You Need Work To Be Done On Your Tree, But You Don’t Know How To Do It

Tree services don’t solely deal with signs and symptoms of old or sick trees. They can also help homeowners when they need something done to the tree. These companies, or arborists, have years of experience on their plate that you don’t. Let the experts deal with whatever changes you need to do for your tree, even if you feel you can do it yourself or even if you have a ladder and all the necessary tools. A tree service Montgomery AL can do a much better job, not to mention that this will also keep you safe.

Even if it’s simply to cut down a few branches, pick fruits, or hang tree lights, stay on the safe side and call for a tree service company to do all these for you instead. You may not know it, but perhaps you might be sitting or climbing on a weak branch when you do the repairs on your own. Since you have no experience with trees, you may not be able to determine this characteristic and hurt yourself in the process.
When You Need Work To Be Done On Your Tree, But You Don’t Know How To Do It

4. When Branches Have Started Falling

Falling tree branches are always a cause for concern. You might think that you don’t need to call tree services when this happens, but when there’s no storm and the branches start falling, this is often a sign of dying or old trees. Some branches may need to be professionally removed, or perhaps the tree is too old now and should be uprooted (and replaced with a younger one) if it poses a danger. Branches don’t just fall for no reason, and this can mean imminent danger if neglected.


Most homeowners in Montgomery, Alabama, have a tree in their yard. Who doesn’t love having trees? With the many benefits that it can give you and your neighbors, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to want to have more trees around! But with this also comes the duty of calling for a tree specialist to help ensure the safety of those around you. While many homeowners wouldn’t opt to call for one unless they absolutely need it, there are still signs you have to be wary about that should prompt you to request for a tree service. Keep this list in mind and don’t hesitate to call for a tree service when you need one.

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