When is the Best Time to Build Your Swimming Pool?


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What time of year should you build your swimming pool? Winter or Summer? If you want to invest in your dream pool, discovering the best time to build is essential. Luxury and bespoke swimming pools take time to craft. Due to the unique nature of additional luxury, this can further impact timing. They require lead times to ensure that products are in stock, along with the road bumps that can come along the way. Today, we’re taking a look into the best time to build your dream pool. 

What Can Impact Timing?

To understand the best time to build your pool, we must first understand what factors influence timing. Below are just some variables that can impact your swimming pool build. 

  • Weather, particularly wet weather, such as rain or hail. For in-ground concrete pools, this can completely halt the process and cause weeks or months to be added to the project. 
  • Stock availability can dramatically influence your swimming pool build. Particularly after the pandemic, ensure you order bespoke features early as possible. 
  • Speciality products or custom finishes. If you plan on going for a luxe finish or something out of the ordinary, then similar to stock ability, you may need to add a few extra weeks or months to your timeline. 
  • Council approval must be taken into consideration when building your swimming pool, as they can be notorious for holding up a project. Check with your local council the average approval times before building to get an estimation of how much time will be added to your timeline. 
  • Natural and man-made obstacles such as rock, large trees, water mains and sewerage. 

While none of these factors are concrete, each of them can have an impact on how long a project will take. Each project is unique, so these factors may not affect your swimming pool build. However, it’s better to have an understanding of what these elements are. Ensuring that you consider these when beginning your swimming pool plans. 

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How to Avoid Your Swimming Pool Being Built Late? 

Planning is crucial if you’re in a time crunch and know you want to be swimming by Summer. For most pool companies, the initial consultation to completion is around six months. However, this can be longer depending on the variables surrounding your project. 

When you head into a project such as a large or bespoke swimming pool build, clearly understand what you want to begin with. Use social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram to get a feel for the shape, size, inner pool lining and coping. That way, when you begin your project, both you and your builders aren’t wasting time making decisions. 

When is the Best Time to Build Your Dream Pool? 

Taking all of these factors into consideration, our recommendation is to build early in the year. Swimming pool builds usually take between 16 and 20 weeks. The variable factors mentioned above can either increase or decrease this. If you want to have your pool built by Christmas, you should have chosen a pool builder by June. This allows enough time for the company of your choice to be prepared. Construction should begin in August at the latest to ensure the Christmas deadline. A time frame of this length provides you enough time to make decisions about your pool, be calm and enjoy the process. 

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