When Do You Need To Do Switchboard Upgrades?

Every house has a switchboard installed in one location. It plays an important role because it’s connected to every electric component and is responsible for your household’s safety.

Typically, a switchboard or switch box can be installed in any part of your house. In some houses, it’s usually found in the hallway or at the front part of the house.  

What Is A Switchboard? 

A switchboard houses several safety switches along with fuses or circuit breakers. All of the circuits in your home are organized and managed in this box, which are connected to the electricity meter. When there’s a problem with your home’s current, such as an overload, or when an appliance breaks down and short circuits, the switchboard shuts down. It cuts off the electricity once it circuits out, protecting your home from potential fires or electrocutions of family members.

Switchboards should be thoroughly inspected at least once every five years, with switchboard upgrades recommended every 20 years.

If you’re redoing certain circuit breakers, consider upgrading the entire box to prevent issues during future conversions. If you want to know more about switchboards and when upgrades are necessary, check out this Ultimate guide to Switchboard Upgrades for a good start.  

When Should You Replace Your Switchboard?

Similar to other electrical appliances, a switchboard endures wear over the years and eventually develops issues. Often, the wires will oxidize, or there will be a loose connection, which you’ll notice when one of the appliances begins to malfunction or stops working.

Some homeowners typically make the mistake of fixing an appliance instead of getting switchboard upgrades. If several appliances in your home are starting to malfunction, consider calling an electrician to know if an upgrade is necessary.  

Here are a few indications that may require switchboard upgrades:

Overcrowded Switchboard  

If your switchboard is packed and you find it hard to go through all the connections, you have a congested switchboard. When this is the case, adding more appliances is no longer advisable. The best way to deal with this is to call an electrician to replace your switchboard with a bigger one before overloading the circuits and putting your home at risk for a potential electrical fire or electrocution hazard.  

Frequent Tripping Of The Circuit  

When you have an aging switchboard, it’s more likely to trigger frequent short circuits since it’s no longer efficient.  

Today, most of the electrical appliances on the market are capable of overloading the current circuit. Because of this, an old switchboard will no longer be able to accommodate modern appliances. 

Remember that frequent episodes of short circuits can be dangerous and increase the risk of fires. When your appliances trip the circuit more frequently, it indicates that you need to replace your switchboard.  

Flickering Lights  

If there’s a constant flickering of lights in your home, it can have various causes such as loose bulbs or poor installation. However, the switchboard might also be at fault.

If the lights flicker, consider inspecting the lightbulbs and switchboard before hastily deciding on changing the lightbulbs.  

emergency power outage in the house. woman with a flashlight loo

Old Or Blackened Fuses

Fuses are considered old technology and no longer provide adequate protection. In most cases, you may have had old fuses installed years ago, some of which may have expired or are no longer functional, putting your home at risk of an electrical fault or fire.

If you want to replace the fuses, consider switchboard upgrades as soon as possible. Call a reliable electrician who can work on the task efficiently. 

Similar to busted fuses, when you have melted or blackened fuses, your home may be at risk since your circuit is prone to danger. It’s a clear indication that it needs to be replaced right away by an electrician.

Arcing Risk  

A small, worn connection or rusty wiring inside the switchboard can cause electricity to spark or arc. It may lead to the production of extra heat and the potential for a fire. Remember that attaching the switchboard to a panel with an older design carries a significant risk.

The presence of sparks in one of your electrical appliances indicates that there’s something wrong with the switchboard or the appliance itself. 

Consider hiring an electrician to upgrade your switchboard. In most cases, the electrician will carefully assess the wiring in your home to ensure that all necessary adjustments are carried out. The electrical security of your home is ensured by hiring a professional to complete this task.

Burning Smell  

Burning plastic from your switchboard or anywhere near it is an indication of an overloaded circuit or defective wiring. Remember that this is a potentially unsafe situation. Contact an electrician right away to solve the problem.

Final Thoughts  

The switchboard in your home plays an important role in ensuring your household’s functionality and safety. Even a well-maintained switchboard might struggle to cope with the electrical needs of a modern home, which can bring about various issues. Once you notice these indications, upgrade your switchboard right away and hire a licensed electrician to do the job for you. 

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