When Decorating Your Home Don’t Forget to Add an Air Purifier


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As many homeowners embark on home decorating for the fall and upcoming holiday season, clean air is also a consideration for that home makeover. Many interior designers are discussing with their clients’ indoor allergens and spread of virus. Your home is your most important investment and you want it to be safe for your family.

Of course, the main thought on everyone’s mind is Covid-19 and the new Delta variant. The pandemic is a concern for families.  More than ever, it is important to keep the air in your home purified. Not only due to Covid -19, but for pollens and pet dander that can actually lead to asthma, severe allergies and even bronchitis in children and adults. The air purifier you seek should trap all the airborne pollutants to keep your family safe.

Commercial Air Purifiers are highly effective for infection control in medical facilities and commercial spaces. But these systems can cost over $6000 + dollars.

But, for your home many interior designers are recommending the portable Rensair, a state-of-the-art air purifier that traps and kills more than 99.97% of all airborne bacteria and viruses, including the Corona family. The Rensair air purifier is the only hospital- grade option on the market that is portable and effective. It is affordable for most homeowners. 

“I have begun placing air purifiers in my clients’ homes, so they know their new home décor design also includes clean air for their entire family,” Cynthia S, Interior Designer, MA.

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What is so fantastic about Rensair is the patented solution that uses the most advanced purification technology, documented by independent laboratories. The biggest threat of covid variants is the transmission from inhaling droplets, Rensair will kill these airborne bacteria. 

Rensair has been designed to incorporate a high power UVC light within the cylindric high quality HEPA13 filter. The patented design causes the UVC light to constantly clean the HEPA13 filter resulting in a safer product. Rather than merely capturing viruses and bacteria, Rensair UVC light kills them while they are trapped in the HEPA13 filter.

One unit cleans up to 20,000 cubic feet per hour, you simply plug in and use. The patented design draws air in through the high-power motor, cleans it and distributes it at 360 degrees/ This design allows for Rensair units to be effective regardless of where in the room it is place.

The good news is that no installation required and the filter lasts 9,000 hours (1 year). All other air purifiers require more frequent filter replacement which adds expense and possible exposure issues. 

For those families on a very tight budget there are simple DIY home purifier projects using 4-inch filters and a box fan. They do not remove viruses, but good for some pet dander and dust.

Your home and your family’s health are important. Air Purifier’s will put your mind at ease knowing the air is clean that you and your family are breathing. 

Research home DIY Air Purifiers YouTube.

You can learn more about Rensair by visiting:  https://rensair.com/

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