What You’ll Love About Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences

Clients would always want to secure their properties while enjoying the aesthetics, safety & security vinyl fences bring. Duramax Vinyl Fences are at the forefront in making every client’s wish a reality.

Important things consumers need to know why they should use Duramax vinyl fence products:

DuraMax Vinyl Fence is water-resistant:

Compared to a wood fence, DuraMax vinyl fence can withstand water splash, pool chemicals, winter de-icing, and road salts. It is resistant to wear and tear and never requires costly maintenance repairs like painting or staining like a wood fence.

Quick and easy installation:

Since Vinyl fences are lighter and easier to work with than a wood fence. It is guaranteed that the installation process is more efficient saving you time and money.

DuraMax Vinyl fences are animal-friendly:

It is ideal for clients who have dogs, cats, and is installed in thousands of feet each year for equestrian use.

Install Vinyl Fence anytime:

You can install DuraMax vinyl fence in winter, summer, spring, or fall.

To help you with this, our experienced team at Duramax has come up with 7 important things you need to ask your client before installing a vinyl fence:

1.What is your need for wanting to install a DuraMax vinyl fence: Is it to provide privacy, safety, security a personal sanitary to enhance your property? Our knowledgeable support team can present your wide array of choices so you can identify first what will meet your specific needs.

2.Choose the appropriate style: DuraMax vinyl fences are available in many styles, colors, texture,s and heights.

3.Know the property measurements: Make sure to know the land area measurements and ground digging conditions when choosing your DuraMax fence. Our team can assist you with the calculations so you can come up with the exact cost.

4.Talk to your neighbors: Communicating with your neighbor is always recommended when working on any project that is beneficial to all it impacts.

5.Consider fencing code requirements: Always check for provisions with your local code enforcement and if HOA’s are involved.

6.Request locates for underground utilities: Before digging, make sure there are no underground utilities are notified for locations. In most states, it is required by law.

7.Secure permits: Like building a house, permits may be required by your local authorities and a detailed submitted drawing of what work is to be done.

With all of these useful suggestions, it is then essential to find a great partner company that will help build that dream of a DuraMax vinyl fence to become a reality. Our products are engineered for maximum durability, and that’s why Duramax is the leading choice in the construction industry for quality, appearance, and overall customer satisfaction.

There are three main reasons for this:

  • Affordability: DuraMax products are very cost-effective and their high durability offers years of maintenance-free enjoyment. You save money and time with Duramax, choose us for all your vinyl fencing needs throughout the entire USA.
  • Versatility: Our company offers our clients the widest choice of colors, sizes, textures, and designs. If you are not sure about what’s best for you or your client, you may avail of our free consultation services to find the best solution.
  • Simple installation and maintenance: The interlocking mechanism of our fence panels makes the job easy, quick, and lowers expenses installation.

We are among the largest vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. Get your fence quote today by calling Duramax Fences at 844-961-1453.

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