What You Need To Know Before Replacing Door Locks


Your building’s security is greatly relying on your door locks. When it comes to protecting your belongings, the right lock acts as a deterrent. Thus, making it one of the basic security characteristics in every building. 

Besides, the right lock not only offers security but also boosts accessibility, prevents buglers or intrudes, and offers you peace of mind. However, it gets to a point where you’ll need to consider changing your locks. 

For instance, if you misplace your key, changing your locks will prevent any break-in in case your keys end up in the wrong hands. Regardless of your reason for changing your system, the main goal should be to protect your safety and boost your privacy. 

However, figuring out how to change your lock might be challenging. That being the case, consider getting professional help. The experts from Locksmith Plus in Everett WA will fix your locks without leaving a mess as they are well-equipped. 

But before they do so, below are some vital things you might need to remember. 

Man changing core of a door lock

The Available Methods

There are two methods involved in replacing door locks. And both these methods won’t allow your older keys to open your lock. However, although they both work, these two methods have their differences. These methods are:

  • Replacing Door Locks 

This method is more extensive than the alternative when ensuring security. A locksmith usually changes the entire lock from the handles to the locking mechanism and installs a new one. This means you’ll get a new lock and set of keys. 

Typically, you might get charged up to USD$300 depending on your lock’s quality, type, and installation. However, you can save by looking for more DIY-friendly door locks with an instruction manual.

  • Rekeying Door Locks 

This second method is a good alternative if you aren’t looking to change the locks on your door. Rekeying is the most common method of replacing locks in most apartment complexes. Unlike the first method, rekeying doesn’t involve the removal of the whole door lock. Instead, the lock’s pins and springs are realigned to match a new key. 

Most people prefer rekeying when changing locks as it’s cheaper and more reliable. Depending on the locksmith, the price might range from USD$80 to USD$160. 

Reasons For Changing Your Locks

The reasons for changing locks vary from person to person. The most probably explanation is moving into a new house. Usually, different people have the key to the house, including inspectors, real estate agents, and subcontractors. Therefore, as a new owner, you won’t want your keys in the hands of strangers. 

Another reason you should consider changing locks is if you lose your keys. This way, anyone with your keys won’t enter your home or business unauthorized. 

In this case, rekeying is practical since the internal mechanism is in excellent condition.

Some other valid reason to consider replacing your door locks is if you want to have one key for all locks. Having to walk with different keys can be frustrating. Therefore, the best solution would be to have a key that can open all doors.

Replacing Damaged Locks

Like any other machine with moving components, a door lock wears out after some time. The wear and tear happen due to repeatedly using the wrong key to lock or unlock your door. Therefore, the internal mechanism will eventually get damaged. 

The damage might make your key difficult to turn or challenge to pull out. Rekeying won’t be a great option, as the preexisting problems will remain. So, instead, have the lock replaced with a new one.

Better Types Of Locks Boost Security

With burglaries and intrusions becoming major security issues, more owners are upgrading their locks. Fortunately, modern options have advanced cutting-edge technology that improves security. In place of conventional keys, you can choose door locks programmed to use keypads, key cards, or biometrics. 

Modern options, in addition to high-tech, can be operated on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. This way, you can unlock your lock remotely if someone needs access. It’s also possible to receive alerts on any of your devices in case the door is left unlocked when you aren’t around. 

Think About The Costs

The costs involved in replacing your door locks are an essential factor of consideration. Prices vary based on the quality of the hardware used in door locks, the cost of labor, and the number of locks that needs changing. 

As seen above, replacing your locks is more expensive that rekeying them. Therefore, when working with a tight budget, consider going the DIY route. You can save money as modern locks come with installation instructions making it easy to be handy. 

Bottom Line

Replacing your door lock is a great way of maintaining the security of your home. However, before choosing to go ahead, several factors must be considered. If you aren’t handy, you can get professional help. Otherwise, you can choose to DIY according to the instructions. 

So, take all the considerations and make a choice that suits your security needs.

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