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What You Need to Know About Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Design

Remodeling your kitchen space using traditional approaches like farmhouse cabinetry is gaining popularity. Read this article to find out if farmhouse cabinetry is a choice that you can consider. 

Do you fancy traditional designs in a kitchen? Well, farmhouse kitchen cabinets could be a fine way to add some traditional pomp to the kitchen space. So, how exactly do you do this? This question forms the basis of the discussion here where we will inform you all that you need to know about farmhouse cabinetry and how you can redesign them to fit your modern home.

What is farmhouse cabinetry?

It is a unique cabinetry design that is popular in the countryside. It has unique features such as hardwood and vintage touches that make the kitchen a lived-in aesthetic appeal. It is a warm kitchen cabinetry option for homeowners with large kitchen spaces.

Ideally, farmhouse kitchen cabinets were used in the countryside; however, there is an evolution of their appearance in modern kitchen spaces in many homes. Therefore, it is no longer an option for people in the countryside only.

What is so special about farmhouse kitchen cabinets?

There are several reasons why many people have chosen farmhouse cabinets as their options in their kitchen spaces. Simplicity and the homely feel that people get from these cabinets are amongst the top reason. It is pretty easy to achieve any interior design idea with farmhouse cabinets installed.

In addition to making the kitchen feel warm, farmhouse cabinets are also great for drawing attention to the kitchen. It can work wonders if you have an open kitchen layout that allows people to view the kitchen while enjoying their meals in the dining area.

The rich American history is also a unique factor that makes farmhouse cabinets unique in the kitchen spaces. You don’t have to follow the strict farmhouse designs that were formerly used – you can also work with an interior designer to recreate new designs that center around the farmhouse style.

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What should modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets look like?

The blend of traditional farmhouse cabinets and modern designs is one of the best things that you can do for your kitchen. It evokes an amazing feeling that makes the kitchen warm and welcoming. For you to get the real deal from anyone selling farmhouse kitchen cabinets, you should check out the following features:

It should be simple

The set of cabinetry units that you are buying should be simple and straightforward. This is a unique feature of farmhouse cabinets that makes them attractive to all the eyes that get into the kitchen space.

It should feel warm 

It is also important that the set of cabinetry units create warmth in the kitchen. This means that their colors should evoke warmth rather than reflection. Therefore, unique colors such as beige work much better than bright white colors that reflect light.

Use natural material 

It is often hard to find sellers with natural materials used in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets. However, this is an important consideration that will help you find authentic farmhouse kitchen cabinets. The type of wood used should be either natural or reclaimed.

Textured touches 

Another unique characteristic that all farmhouse cabinets have is the textured touch. It is not a must for it to be extremely visible but you should help to create the rustic feel of a farmhouse-style kitchen.

These are important factors that you can use to find an authentic set of farmhouse kitchen cabinets. Never compromise on the quality of farmhouse cabinetry if you want to enjoy its range of benefits.

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Design ideas for farmhouse kitchen cabinets

If you have decided to settle on farmhouse cabinets for your kitchen space, then you can use these insightful ideas to get you started the right way.

Choose the right color 

The most important design consideration is the color of your kitchen cabinets. The color influences many other aspects of the kitchen space, thus, maintaining significant importance.

Luckily, it is the easiest DIY project that you can do to enhance the appearance of the kitchen space. The best color is beige, which works well to rekindle the farmhouse kitchen ideas. White is also an option that can work in your kitchen space if you don’t have a large kitchen.

While choosing the color for your farmhouse kitchen cabinets, ensure that you consider other kitchen elements as well. For example, there should be a blend between the wall colors and the cabinetry colors. Similarly, other kitchen elements should be considered.

Another great color idea that you can use is to add a pop color to spice things up. It is an interesting design option that you must first check its implication before you settle on it.

 Have unique accessories 

The whole idea of a farmhouse kitchen is for it to look messy but remain clean. One of the ways of achieving this design goal is by adding unique accessories. Your taste will determine the kind of accessories that you are adding.

Some of the ideas that can work well with farmhouse kitchen cabinets include a butcher block countertop and a library ladder to access the top of the cabinets. You can also add a kitchen island that complements the cabinets.

Have a lot of natural light 

You need a lot of natural light to create a unique farmhouse-style kitchen. For you to achieve this, you need to start thinking about adding more window space, meaning that you have to tear down the walls. It sounds costly but it will help to improve the overall function and aesthetics of the kitchen space.

Are farmhouse kitchen cabinets right for you?

Yes, they are right for you if you are an enthusiast of classic kitchen spaces. You will enjoy tons of benefits associated with this countryside kitchen idea. However, check that your kitchen space is large enough to accommodate the block cabinets that you will install.

If you have a small kitchen space and you still want to install farmhouse kitchen cabinets, check out some great ideas for farmhouse cabinets in small kitchen spaces.

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