What You Need to Consider Before Buying Recycling Bins


Buying Recycling Bins

The success of a waste recycling program usually depends on having the proper office recycling bins. Utility, appearance, and convenience all play a huge role in how your employees can react to a waste recycling program and how simple and easy for them to correctly use recycling bins.

Remember that every office can be different and needs different recycling bins. Regardless of whether it’s the bin openings, aesthetics, or the graphics of the recycling bins, there are always good solutions you can use to get the office recycling program successful. You can customize the recycling program to meet the needs of your office. This article explains what you need to consider before buying recycling bins.

Recycling bin size

The right recycling bin has to be properly sized because if it’s too large, it can waste space and fail to reach its capacity before pickup. Likewise, recycling bins that are too small cannot work because waste tends to spill onto the ground. Therefore, you can determine the right capacity of the recycling bin by keeping these factors in mind. 

The best way to get the right size of the recycling bin is to customize it to make sure that you get a bin based on the volume of waste you collect and a number of people who will be using it. Therefore, you need to do an office waste audit to get a better understanding of the type of waste you will be collecting and the amount of waste you will be producing.

Ideally, if you understand the items that are being put in the trash, you can figure out the various waste streams the recycling places should be fitted with. It’s worth noting that you also need to determine the schedule for the pickup and decide whether to have several small units that can be disposed of into a single large unit or have independent recycling bins. Keep in mind that these collections units can sometimes be heavy, especially when they are full.

Materials of construction

Materials of construction

Like any product, high-quality recycling bins can also last longer, so they are worth the investment. You can find recycling bins that are made of different materials including recycled plastic and mold injected plastic. 

Because your recycling needs can also be unique, it’s a good idea to treat the recycling bins differently. This is the reason why it’s necessary to consider customizing the materials and colors of your recycling bins to make sure they are designed to meet the specific needs of your office. 

It makes sense to use different designs for different areas of your office. For instance, you may want to have recycling bins that are designed like pieces of office furniture in meeting rooms where customers may visit regularly. Back-of-house spaces like employee washrooms and cafeteria can have basic recycling bins but still with the same capacity and durability.

You can also find high-quality but less expensive recycling bins that allow you to collect various waste streams. Some of these bins have a restrictive opening but offer at least three waste streams within one container.

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